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E-Learning Day 2

Dear all,

In line with the Singapore's Smart Nation Vision, we will need people familiar with tech skills and who are also sensitive to how tech can be applied to improve living. We would require our youth to be more familiar with computational thinking as it becomes an increasingly essential part of our lives and careers.

The school will like to introduce coding and computational thinking to our students such that it becomes Singapore's national capability.

For this e-Learning day, students will be exposed to computational thinking and html coding. Please follow the instructions given in the file attached below.

The top 2 ranked student will be selected to represent our school in the annual IDA coding competition in November.

Please note that there will be nothing to submit on the lms.asknlearn.com. All progress will be monitored on the www.classmentors.com website. Thank you.

Click here to view the E-learning day 2 instructions