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Direct School Admission (DSA-SEC)

Junyuan Secondary School

Direct School Admission (DSA-Sec) for 2022 Secondary One Students

Junyuan Secondary School invites all P6 students to apply for direct admission into the school for academic year 2022. We provide the platforms and opportunities for you to enhance your leadership and talents to be Champions for the Community.

DSA Talent Area

Junyuan welcomes students who are keen to develop their talent in four areas – Community Youth Leadership, Basketball (Boys), Rugby (Boys) and Volleyball (Girls).

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Click on the links below to find out more about the various DSA talent areas that our school is offering.

Community Youth Leadership


Basketball (Boys)


Rugby (Boys)


Volleyball (Girls)


Parents and students are encouraged to choose schools wisely based on the student’s aptitudes and strengths, bearing in mind the schools’ academic and non-academic requirements, and the programmes available to develop the area of talent.

Students who are successfully admitted to the school via DSA are expected to honour their commitment to the school, and participate in the activities related to the talent they are selected for from year 1-4.

Selection criteria and Process

Students can apply for one or more of the areas, if they meet one or more of the criteria for admission.



Selection Process

Community Youth Leadership

  •      Aptitude for leading teams in community service/ improvement projects and programmes
  • Keen interest in contributing to the community
  •  Open to learning and guidance from others

  •     Shortlisted candidates will be invited for a one-day interview via video conferencing between 29 Jun 2021 and 20 Aug 2021.

Basketball (Boys)

Rugby (Boys)

Volleyball (Girls)

  • Has prior experience in the sport
  • Participated in competitions/ attainment of awards
  • Display positive attitude to learn, improve and contribute

  • Shortlisted candidates will be invited for a one-day video conferencing session between 29 Jun 2021 and 20 Aug 2021.
  • The session comprises of two components:

·       Interview

·       Performance tasks

  • Candidates are to wear appropriate sports attire during the performance tasks.

Please note that meeting all the criteria does not guarantee the student will be shortlisted/given an offer.

Details of the sports performance tasks:




(Boys only, if the talent area is selected)

Demonstrate ability in

·  dribbling using the master hand, non-master hand and combination of both (half court) / stationary dribbling if court is not available

·  shooting from various points (under basket, outside red zone, 3-point line)


(Boys only, if the talent area is selected)

Demonstrate ability in

·  evasive running (with cones and specifications)

·  tackling using tackling cushion / basic forward roll on a mat

·  passing the ball


(Girls only, if the talent area is selected)

Demonstrate ability in

·  digging (underhand pass)

·  setting (overhead pass)

·  service against the wall

Application Process

Application is done through the DSA-Sec Portal. The application period is from 5 May 2021, 11am to 1 June 2021, 3pm and no application fee is required. You may refer to the MOE website at: https://go.gov.sg/nmsdsa-sec-application for more information.

a.     Accessing the DSA Portal:


i.       For applicants who are studying in MOE mainstream primary school:

Only one parent’s SingPass is required. Parents/ guardians who are unable to apply online can approach their child’s primary school for assistance.


ii.      For applicants who are not studying in MOE mainstream primary school:

You need to apply for a Registration Number (RGxxxxxxx) before you can apply through the DSA-Sec Portal. This is done using an online form via MOE DSA website.

b.     Choice of schools and talent areas:

Students can indicate up to three choices (maximum of two choices for the same school under two different talent areas).

c.      Contact details:

You need to provide a valid email address and local mobile number.

Applicants studying in mainstream primary schools will have their primary school information shared directly with the DSA-Sec schools that they apply to. It is optional to indicate non-school-based activities and achievements. 

However, we may ask for documentary proof of non-school-based activities and achievements from shortlisted applicants, if necessary. For applicants from non-MOE mainstream schools, you are to submit school academic results and activities/achievements for verification against data provided during application upon request.

Schedule for DSA-Sec Exercise





Application for JYSS DSA-Sec through DSA-Sec Portal

5 May – 1 June 2021


Notification of shortlisted applicants

21 – 27 June 2021


Via e-mode:

·   Performance tasks for Basketball (Boys), Rugby (Boys) and Volleyball (Girls) applicants

·   Interview for shortlisted applicants

29 Jun – 20 Aug 2021


Release of results

(Confirmed Offer (CO) / Wait List (WL) / Unsuccessful)

By 31 Aug 2021


Exercise School Preference through DSA-Sec Portal (by applicants)

25 Oct – 29 Oct 2021


Release of DSA-Sec Results together with PSLE Results

Late Nov 2021

For more information you may visit the MOE website: https://go.gov.sg/nmsdsa-sec-application.



Contact Personnel

For enquiries, please contact the following at 6587 3683 or email to junyuansec@moe.edu.sg:

1.          Mr Jeffrey Lian (Year Head)