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Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

Lifelong Learning Programme: Community Youth Leadership

Goal: Every student, a Community Youth Leader

The Learning for Life Programme in Community Youth Leadership (CYL) supports the school’s vision of nurturing our students to be Champions for the Community. We adopt the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z Posner in developing our student leaders in Junyuan. All student leaders will be trained in the Student Leadership Challenge (TSLC) and will have the opportunity to exhibit the following behaviours:

·        Model the Way
·        Inspire a Shared Vision
·        Challenge the Process
·        Enable Others to Act
·        Encourage the Heart

The Leadership Development Roadmap


We believe leadership is not positional, and that every student has the potential within them to be a leader. Through various structured leadership training, learning programmes and opportunities, we hope to nurture our student leaders to be concerned citizens and active contributors.


Leadership Training

All students in Junyuan go through a structured developmental leadership training.                          

Cohort trainings on the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership are conducted every year. 
Secondary One (Model the Way, Encourage the Heart)
Secondary Two (Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act)
Secondary Three (Inspire a Shared Vision)

Trainings are also conducted for student leaders of various leadership groups, where specific leadership skills are identified to be taught to them. The leadership development programme for them is segmented and progressive. Some of these trainings are:
Class Leaders Training (for class chairpersons)
CCE Champs Training (for CCE and NE ambassadors)
Sec 3 CCA Leaders Training 
Student Leaders Training (for Sec 1 Orientation and Sec 2 Camp helpers)
Student Council Camp
Sec 1 Student Leader Internship

Service Learning & Innovation (SLI) Exposure for Secondary One

The SLI Exposure consists of a workshop and experience volunteering at an external organisation. The workshop aims to equip students with the knowledge of service learning and the use of Innovation Protocol to understand their roles in helping the community and generating ideas for community projects. Through the workshop, students work in groups to generate innovative solutions to solve problems for the community. As part of the exposure, students volunteered at Willing Hearts to help out in the preparation of meals for the needy families.

Sec 1 SLI Photo 1.JPG

Sec 1 SLI Photo 2.JPG Sec 1 SLI Photo 3.jpg Sec 1 SLI Photo 4.jpg>

Service Learning & Innovation (SLI) Experience for Secondary Two

The SLI Experience is a platform where students will be engaged as a class to plan and execute a Values in Action (VIA) project with external organisations. The project aims to develop students into socially responsible citizens meaningfully to the community through the learning and application of values, knowledge and skills acquired in Secondary SLI Exposure. As part of their learning, students also conduct a Community Cause Awareness Campaign to share about their project and learning from the experiences.   

Sec 2 SLI Photo 1.jpg Sec 2 SLI Photo 2_ed.jpg

Sec 2 SLI Photo 3.jpg Sec 2 SLI Photo 4.jpg

Community Outreach

As part of community engagement, students visit neighbourhood block of residents during festive events and national day celebration. They give out mandarin oranges and hand-made postcards that share about the traditional Chinese New Year food with the residents during Chinese New Year. For National Day Celebration, the students distribute flower pots and share gardening tips with them

CNY_VIA_Photo 1.JPG    CNY_VIA_Photo 2.JPG

Overseas Values-In-Action

As part of the holistic development of Junyuan Champs in the area of Community Youth Leadership, Sec 3 students can volunteer to embark on an Overseas Values-in-Action trip to Cambodia. Some of the service learning work that they will be doing includes; providing an Educational Experience to young children or residents at an orphanage, Humanitarian Work and Social Engagement with local village and Cultural Experience in Cambodia. The programme aims to develop Champions for the Community who are motivated to positively impact their community whether near or far.

The Community Youth Leadership Team (2021)

Mdm Gan Juok Sia
Mr Kim Choon Hin Kelvin
Mdm Ng Sui Lin
Ms Nurliyana Mohamad Zainudin
Mdm Seah Mei Ping
Ms Shamilah
Mr Tan Chwoon Ping, Ivan
Ms Thng Wei Wei
Mr Twang Kwang Han
Mdm Xue Wen Juan
Mdm Zhuang Ying Meng