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CCA Schedule

Our school will be resuming our CCA activities from Term 1 Week 2 in 2021 with the necessary Safe Management Measures (SMM) in place. Our SMM are in line with MOE Guidelines and the current national posture, where the risks for all activities are being contained and moderated for the safety of our students.

Kindly refer to the following schedule for each CCA.


1. Archery:                                                 https://go.gov.sg/jyss-archery-schedule-2021                 

2. Badminton:                                            https://go.gov.sg/jyss-badminton-schedule-2021

3. Basketball (Boys):                                 https://go.gov.sg/jyss-basketball-schedule-2021

4. Rugby (Boys):                                       https://go.gov.sg/jyss-rugby-schedule-2021

5. Track & Field:                                        https://go.gov.sg/jyss-track-schedule-2021

6. Volleyball:                                              https://go.gov.sg/jyss-volleyball-schedule-2021

Uniformed Groups

1. Boys' Brigade:                                       https://go.gov.sg/jyss-bb-schedule-2021

2. Girls' Brigade:                                        https://go.gov.sg/jyss-gb-schedule-2021

3. National Cadet Corps (NCC):                https://go.gov.sg/jyss-ncc-schedule-2021

4. National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC):   https://go.gov.sg/jyss-npcc-schedule-2021

5. St. John Brigade (SJB):                         https://go.gov.sg/jyss-sjb-2021

Performing Arts

1. Choir:                                                     https://go.gov.sg/jyss-choir-schedule-2021

2. Dance:                                                    https://go.gov.sg/jyss-dance-schedule-2021

3. Drama:                                                   https://go.gov.sg/jyss-drama-schedule-2021

4. Guitar Ensemble:                                   https://go.gov.sg/jyss-guitar-schedule-2021

5. Symphonic Band:                                   https://go.gov.sg/jyss-symphonicband-schedule-2021 


Clubs and Societies

1. Infocomm Technology (Computing):     https://go.gov.sg/jyss-infocomm-schedule-2021

2. Media Production Club

    Photography / Editorial:                      https://go.gov.sg/jyss-mediaproductions-schedule-2021

    AVA / PA Club:                                      https://go.gov.sg/jyss-pa-schedule-2021