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Home Based Learning


1.    Home-Based Learning (HBL) is a bi-weekly platform for students to learn in settings beyond
       school through a blend of online and offline
activities. These activities complement in-
       school learning and are designed
to develop students' ability to be self-directed, passionate
       and lifelong learners. These self-directed experience will also encourage the development
       of positive habits in learning, such as setting of learning goals and monitoring of one’s
       learning progress.

2.    HBL days will be conducted on a regular basis throughout the school year to inculcate the
       practice of self-directed learning. We are confident that with practice, every Junyuan
       student can continue their learning even when they are at home.


3.    HBL days for Sec 2 to 5 will be conducted on a regular basis throughout Semester 1 on the following Fridays:

  • 10 and 24 Feb 2023
  • 10 and 31 Mar 2023
  • 14 and 28 Apr 2023
  • 12 and 26 May 2023

Instructions to Students

4.   Subject teachers for English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Mother Tongue will be assigning lessons and assignments to you based on the Friday timetable for even weeks. 

You can access the timetable here: 


5.    You are expected to take personal ownership by following the instructions provided in the
       SLS assigned lessons, or in the email by your subject teachers. These instructions may
       include the following:

        a)    Learning tasks and assignments to complete using your textbooks/workbooks/pre-
               distributed worksheets
        b)    Deadlines and modes for the submission of assignments
        c)    Duration needed to complete the learning tasks
        d)    Common times to log-on for collaborative or real-time lessons

6.    Seek assistance from your teachers if you are unable to locate the learning resources
       during HBL. You can find their email addresses here:-

You can email the HOD of the relevant subject if you are unable to locate your subject teacher’s name. 

7.    You should access the following platforms for your learning resources:
        a)    Log-in to your account for the Student Learning Space (SLS) for your assigned lessons
        b)    Check your Student ICON email for specific instructions from your subject teachers 

Ensure you have the passwords for the following applications:
        a)    Student Learning Space (SLS) – To reset your password, please go to this page: 


b)    SSOE and Student ICON email (yourname@students.edu.sg) – To reset your password,
       please go to this page: 


9.    Practise good cyber habits by focusing on the tasks instead of surfing other sites or
       checking social media. Do remember to take regular breaks so that the mind can
       consolidate and make time to exercise and eat well.

Student Initiated Learning (SIL) Activity (for Sec 2 to 5)

10.  Sec 2 to 5 students will also embark on Student Initiated Learning to work on a topic of
       their interest, e.g. playing guitar, learning a new language. Students are given 1 hour during
       each HBL day to plan their learning for this topic and curate online resources, e.g. YouTube
       videos to support their learning.

11.  Students will be briefed by their form teachers on the SIL in Term 1. Students can refer to
       the following resource to get started:

        a)    Secondary Student-Initiated Learning Guide 
        b)    Resource List for SIL  

12.  Learning to manage your time is part of the intent of HBL so we encourage students to
       spend at most 60 minutes on their SIL activity during HBL days. Enjoy your SIL activity but
       do so safely.

Useful Information for Parents/Guardians

13.  The following links provide tips on how to support your child/ward during HBL days:

        a) https://go.gov.sg/selresforparents
        b) https://www.moe.gov.sg/education-in-sg/our-programmes/cyber-wellness
        c) https://junyuansec.moe.edu.sg/our-programmes/home-based-learning/resource-kits