Dear Junyuanites,

We hope you have had a enriching and fruitful holiday. On the first day of school, 4th Jan’16 (Monday), please note the following:

  • Assembly will start at 7.30 am sharp;
  • School will end at 5.05 pm for secondary 1 students on the first day of school;
  • Parents of Secondary 1 students are cordially invited to our Principal’s conversation at 4.15 pm in the school hall;
  • School will end at 2.15 pm for Secondary 2 to 5 students on the first day of school.


Please click on the following links for the student timetable

Secondary 1 Timetable

Secondary 2 Timetable

Secondary 3 Timetable

Secondary 4 and 5 Timetable