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Infocomm Technology (Computing)

A structured training framework for Infocomm Club members to acquire specialised skills in Technology domains. The ICM Learning Roadmap allows students who are passionate in technology to pursue their interest in various functional domain areas such as Application Development, Cyber Security, Data Analytics and Robotics & Makers. IMDA supports a range of training courses for Infocomm Club members to be exposed to the breadth of functional domains and deepen their skills in a specific functional domain.
ICM Learning Roadmap

Students will also develop and apply their STEM skills in robotics coding, where students design and program a LEGO® robot, and compete in exciting missions on a challenge mat.
• Develop, evaluate, and modify their design ideas
• Learn about the concepts of input, process, and output and the importance of feedback in control systems
• See how complex systems break down into sub-systems


To excite students about infocomm in a fun and meaningful way by helping them to learn new infocomm skills and to cultivate leadership.

CCA Schedule & CCA Venue
Every Tuesday / Thursday (3 pm – 4.30 pm)
Computer Labs 1 & 2

1. Mdm Chin Wai Leng Helen
2. Mr Ling Kay Siong
3. Mr Salahudeen

CCA Leaders (Year 2022)

1. Chaiperson (Overall): Yang Shu Hao (4E1)
2. Vice-Chairperson: Rajaram Nithesh (4E1)

1. Chairperson (Robotics): Wong Wai Teng Clara (4E4)
2. Vice-Chairperson (Robotics): Chin Jia Wei Dagon (4E4)

Lower Sec
1. Chairperson: Muhd Mirza (3E3)
2. Vice-Chairperson: Ang Yang Yi Alaric (3E1)


(a) First Lego League (Participation)
(b) National Coding Competition (Finals)
National Coding Championship (Junior) - Darren Lim (3E1), Clif Ong (3E1) - 1st runner up
(a) Ace of Coders (Junior Category)
Team 1 - 1st Runner Up; Team 2 - 2nd Runner Up

Our Journey

Highlights of our CCA

Interview with our Student Leaders

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." Infocomm involved everyone to participate and learn and of course we make great friends along the way. "

- Jabez Teo, 3E3 (Chairperson, 2020)

"I had an enjoyable experience in infocomm as my peers and i work together to build and code robots. We learnt to respect each other opinions during competition, appreciate team-members diversity. "

- Thom Low, 3E2 (Chairperson, Robotics, 2020)

"I have learned to be more confident when sharing ideas with my team members when trying to solve a problem."

- Clara Wong, 2E1 (Chairperson, Lower Secondary 2020)

"We learnt not only coding and robotics but also teamwork and leadership. In the Infocomm Club, we work in teams which allow us to bond with one another, conquering failures and celebrating success together."

- Yang ShuHao, 2E4 (Vice-Chairperson, Lower Secondary 2020)



"As the leader for Software Application Group, I ensure that our member appreciate technology in everyday life and learn to code."

- Jeremy (3E2)



"We learnt to respect team-member opinions during competition, appreciate team-members diversity."

- Sakthi (3E2)

"I want to see more passionate photographers who seek to explore all aspects of photography."

- Ammar Aufa Bin Zuraimi (3N2)