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Infocommm Technology (Media Production)

Focus and Purpose
Through our CCA, we hope to ignite a passion for photography, videography as well as technical aspects of the media, by engaging students in workshops and activities which will educate, train and guide them in the acquisition of technical skills, and to provide experiential opportunities to exercise what they have learnt in external photography and videography competitions to gain greater exposure.



We also provide students the opportunity to handle high-end equipment such as DSLR cameras to assist in club activities and to cover school events both internally and outside of school such as Singapore Youth Festival and Canon Photomarathon. Students can gain valuable experience and develop their ownership, leadership skill and responsibility by volunteering for duties during these school events. We will further expand our students’ repertoire of skills to include journalistic interviews, live streaming, photo and video editing.

Programmes and Activities
- Canon Workshops: Photography and Videography, Live streaming
- Coverage of school events
- Workshops on Interviewing Techniques
- Documenting journeys of other CCA groups

CCA Schedule & CCA Venue
Photography / Editorial - Thursdays (3pm – 5pm)
Library Level 2

1. Ms Teh Li Wah (teh_li_wah@moe.edu.sg)
2. Mr Adzmey (adzmey_asmom@moe.edu.sg)

CCA Leaders (2022)

Upper Secondary
1. President: Jolene Chua Wen Sin (4N1)
2. President : Austin Foo (4N1)
3.Vice President: Tang Le Xuan (4N2)
4. Vice President: Aisyah Farahiyah (4E3)
5. Head of Publication: Jamie Tan Yu Xuan (4E4)
4. Head of Welfare: Aw Soo Fun (4E1)

Lower Secondary
1. Lower Sec Head: Amos Tan Jun Kai (3E2)
2. Lower Sec Head: Kaelyn Choi (3E1)

(a) Our Schools, Our Stories Photo Contest 2020 – Certificate of Participation
(b) NUSPS’ Montage Photo Contest 2020 – Certificate of Participation
(a) NParks' Singapore Garden Photographer of the Year (SGPY) Photo Competition - Dalwin Khor (3N2), 1st
Prove It! Contest by NLB (Certificate of Participation)
(a) Republic Polytechnic's Financial Literacy Video Competition - 2nd Runner-up
(b) Video Presentation at International Financial Literacy Conference - Presenters: Austin Leow (5N2), Joyce Chua (5N3)
(c) Canon Photomarathon Singapore - Finisher
S.U.R.E. (Source, Understand, Research, Evaluate) CLUB STORYBOARD COMPETITION - 1st
Schools Digital Media Award (SDMA) - 1 Gold, 1 Silver

Our Journey

Highlights of our CCA

Our CCA Experiences

Dalwin Khor receiving her 1st prize win from our very own Madam President Halimah Yacob




Other Productions:
(Click on the links to see more videos produced by our students)
1. Financial Literacy Video Competition Winners
2. Canon Filmfare 2019: Anti-Gambling
3. SG50 Tribute: Pasar Malam