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Media Resource Club


Read. Discover. Learn.


  • Happy Kid VIA Project
  • S.U.R.E. competiton
  • Prove it! Contest

Plans for 2019

  • To see members of the CCA blossom and become fine ladies and gentlemen with strong morale values.

CCA Schedule & CCA Venue

Every Tuesday (2.45pm – 4.45pm)

Library level 2


Miss Teh Li Wah (OIC)

Mdm Siti Zaleha (2IC)

Mr Adzmey Bin Asmom

CCA Leaders

President: Tan Hui Shi (3N2)

Vice President: Poh Hwee Ting (3E3)

Lower Sec Leader 1: Nur Atikah Adawiyyah (2E1)

Lower Sec Leader 2: Ashton Ong (2E1)



Our teachers are the pillars of our CCA. They plan various activities for our CCA members to further develop our strengths in order to help us achieve our full potential.

"Strive your best in what you can control, and learn to let go of what you can't."

                                                                                          - Mdm Zaleha


Our members are the important building blocks of our CCA. Each and every one of us have something to contribute, and our part to play. As we grow and develop, we become stronger and so does our CCA.

"Content is the reason why search began in the first place."
                                                                                              - Hwee Ting (3E3)

"The distant between an idea and its realization."
                                                                                             - Tan Hui Shi (3N2)

"Keep the eye on the book and feet on the ground."
                                                                                            - Jannah (1N1)