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Information on eCCAs

·       As part of the Back-to-School plans, MOE has announced that CCAs can be delivered via digital

means (eCCA) to bring back key essential elements of school activities to ensure students’ holistic

development will not be impacted by the prolonged suspension of school activities.

·       eCCA will be an important platform to allow Junyuanities to connect with their peers and to

rediscover camaraderie and sense of belongings as a CCA. Since the reopening of school in early

June, our various CCAs have been actively discussing and gathering feedback from some of the

students to plan eCCAs.

·       eCCAs will commence from Term 3, week 5 onwards and will last for no more than 10 weeks, till

the end of the term.

·       The format and schedule for eCCA will depend on the nature and type of activities planned.

Students will attend no more than 1 eCCA session per week for a duration of 1 to 2 hours.

·       Each eCCA session can be synchronous or asynchronous. Synchronous lessons will involve lessons

conducted via Zoom or Google Meet platform while asynchronous lessons will involve lessons

conducted offline through instructions sent to student’s JYMail. All sessions will be supervised by

a CCA teacher.

·       Schedule and details of each eCCA sessions have been posted on the school’s website

(https://junyuansec.moe.edu.sg/cca/cca-calendar). Students and parents can check the website

periodically to get the latest updates.

·       Please strongly encourage your child to participate actively for the eCCA sessions. If you have

further queries on eCCAs, you may contact Mr Ryan Tan (tan_kah_khoon@moe.edu.sg) or Mdm

Gan Juok Sia (gan_juok_sia@moe.edu.sg) for clarifications.