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Every Heart Sings a Song


  • SYF (Certificate of Accomplishment)
  • Soiree
  • VIA @ THK Home for the Disabled Adults

Plans for 2019

  • SYF - Certificate for distinction

CCA Schedule & CCA Venue

Every Tuesday and Thursday (3.00 pm to 5.30 pm)

Learning Hub 4


Mdm Nadiah Khamis
Ms Rachael Teo Yee Her
Ms Xue Wenjuan

CCA Leaders

President: John Ethan Prince (3E1)

Vice President: Shannon Ong Jing Ting (3E3)




Our teachers are the pillars of our CCA. They plan various activities for our CCA members to further develop our strengths in order to help us achieve our full potential.

"I hope students will have integrity in them, because we are constantly working on our legacy and creating a reputation for ourselves everyday. What we do now sets up our future and people's perception of our honesty. And this honesty should be formed within, even if no one is watching."

                                                                          - Ms Rachael Teo

"I think singing in a choir brings a lot of benefits not many people are aware of. Thus this CCA tends to be less popular than other performing arts in the school. One such benefit is that singing a chorus can instantly relief stress and promote friendship; and when you get to harmonise vocally, you see the beauty of music"

                                                                           - Mdm Nadiah Khamis

Choir3.jpg Choir4.jpg

Our members are the important building blocks of our CCA. Each and every one of us have something to contribute, and our part to play. As we grow and develop, we become stronger and so does our CCA."The members and the practices are enjoyable."

                                                                    - John Ethan Prince (3E1)

"The choir is bonded and united. During our breaks, we will usually have the chance to converse with each other because choir is like my second family. Practices are very enjoyable as well because we get to sing a lot, this is really helps me express my feelings."

                                                                    - Shannon Onh Jing Ting (3E3)

"The people are very friendly and caring. The conductor is determined to shape us the best we can be. Choir members have great personality."

                                                                     - Reina (1E3)