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The Dance CCA aims to develop our dancers with a strong passion to acquire the necessary dance skills. With the main focus on techniques in hip hop and street jazz, we also aim to provide a wide exposure of different dance genres to our dancers through workshops in contemporary dance and jazz.

Through a routine set of warm-up and cardiovascular exercises, the CCA aims to develop a strong foundation in the dancers before helping them acquire the sense of rhythm and musicality. By the end of their four years in Dance, they would have learnt several dance techniques, improve in their motor and body coordination, as well as understand the concept of choreography.

Character development is important in our Dance CCA. We aim to develop our dancers to become:
· a confident dancer who is able to overcome challenges and be able to have a strong stage presence;
· a self-disciplined learner who exercises self-awareness and takes his or her own initiative ;
· a team-player who is willing to contribute and be committed to the CCA

Respect, Discipline and Focus
In Dance, we aim to cultivate a strong sense of respect and discipline in our members.
Coupled with focus, we believe that our dancers will develop a strong mentality and be resilient.

Plans for the CCA
To obtain Distinction for Singapore Youth Festival (SYF)
To obtain 1st position external competitions

CCA Schedule & CCA venue
Every Tuesday and Thursday (3.00pm to 5.00pm)
Learning Hub 2 & 3 (Level 4)

1. Ms Pamela Lim
2. Ms Kwok Hui Ning Grace

CCA Leaders (Year 2022)

Upper Secondary:
1. President: Clara Peh Si Ying (4E2)
2. President: Aw Ruey Min Charmaine (4E2)
3. Vice President: Audy A'qilah (4E4)
4. Vice President: Sabien Aw (4N3)

Lower Secondary:
1. Vice President: Regine Low (3E3)
2. Vice President: Tan Hui Shan (3N1)


SYF Arts Presentation Achievements:

Year 20132015201720192021
Certificates Obtained DistinctionAccomplishmentAccomplishmentDistinctionTeam A: Distinction

Our Journey 

Highlights of our CCA

"Our CCA is a platform for the students to express themselves creatively through dance and it is a form of fun exercise."

 - Mdm Nur Iffah

"The amount of enthusiasm and energy shown during the dance practices and various performances shown by our CCA members always bring on a smile for me. I hope they can continue to grow with this positivity and passion they have in dance in whatever that they do in life."

 - Ms Pamela Lim

"In JY Dance, we hope for our dancers to demonstrate a nuanced understanding of collaboration in the creative process, through leadership, participation, and reflection."

- Mdm Marina


"Before joining this CCA, I was a quiet person and did not have much confidence in what I do. Throughout my journey in the CCA, I improved in terms of dance techniques, physical strength and personal characteristics. In addition, my coaches, teachers and CCA mates have also contributed to my growth and helped develop my character. We encourage one another and push through our limits together as one. I will proudly say that choosing to be part of this CCA is one of my greatest choices in secondary school."

-        Liew Man Ting (President 2020)


"Joining dance has impacted me greatly in a positive way .When I first joined dance , I was afraid to dance in front of people as I was insecure and I was afraid to show myself. However, since joining dance, I gained a lot more confidence as well as the love and passion for dancing. To me , it is not just a CCA, but an avenue where I can express my feelings through, with all the amazing friends I have made in the CCA. All these were built up not just because of myself but also because of my encouraging and approachable teachers and instructors, who are always there for us and of course, my crew mates as well . Everyone in the CCA is caring and kind. We stay united and help one another through our difficulties. CCA is something I look forward to everytime and I’m very glad to be in this CCA."

-        Guo Yuan Yuan (Vice-president 2020)


"Our members are the important building blocks of our CCA. Each and every one of us have something to contribute, and our part to play. As we grow and develop, we become stronger and so does our CCA.  "I think my CCA has teach me a lot of values such as respecting each other and care for each other. They are very united and caring, when a member does something wrong, they don't blame each other, instead they help that person. They help me overcome my stage fright and I gained more confident from this CCA. I'm really lucky and happy that I'm in this CCA."

-        Ngo Ke XIn (5N1, 2021)