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The Dance CCA aims to develop our dancers with a strong passion to acquire the necessary dance skills. With the main focus on techniques in hip hop and street jazz, we also aim to provide a wide exposure of different dance genres to our dancers through workshops in contemporary dance and jazz.

Through a routine set of warm-up and cardiovascular exercises, the CCA aims to develop a strong foundation in the dancers before helping them acquire the sense of rhythm and musicality. By the end of their four years in Dance, they would have learnt several dance techniques, improve in their motor and body coordination, as well as understand the concept of choreography.

Character development is important in our Dance CCA. We aim to develop our dancers to become:
· a confident dancer who is able to overcome challenges and be able to have a strong stage presence;
· a self-disciplined learner who exercises self-awareness and takes his or her own initiative ;
· a team-player who is willing to contribute and be committed to the CCA

Respect, Discipline and Focus
In Dance, we aim to cultivate a strong sense of respect and discipline in our members.
Coupled with focus, we believe that our dancers will develop a strong mentality and be resilient.

Plans for the CCA

To obtain Certificate of Distinction for Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation
To provide suitable platforms for our dancers to gain valuable experience at various external performances and competitions

CCA Schedule & CCA venue
Every Tuesday and Thursday (3.00pm to 5.30pm)
Learning Hub 2 & 3 (Level 4)

1. Ms Kwok Hui Ning Grace
2. Mdm Chiew HC

CCA Leaders (Year 2023)
  1. President: Regine Low Jie Ning (4E3)
  2. Vice-President (Training) : Areca Lim Tian Dan (4E4) and Nur Diya Aamira Binte Mohd Irwandi (4N3)
  3. Vice-President (Publicity): Ariel Tan Xin Lin (4E2)
  4. Vice-President (Admin): Tan Hui Shan (4N1)


SYF Arts Presentation Achievements:

Year 20132015201720192021
Certificates Obtained DistinctionAccomplishmentAccomplishmentDistinctionTeam A: Distinction

Our Journey 

Showcase of Lion City Dance Competition 30 July 2022

dance 1.jpg

‘’My vision for each dancer, is that as they embark on this four- year journey with the Dance CCA, they would develop perseverance, discipline and determination. As each dancer is unique and possesses different abilities and strength, my hope is for them to strive towards their goal of achieving their personal best.”                                                                                                          

-  Ms Grace Kwok (Teacher in charge) 

Dance 2.jpg

“Before joining the CCA, I lacked confidence and didn’t dare to express what I loved doing. After joining the CCA, I made many friends from diverse backgrounds who have the same passion as me towards dancing. The dance instructor has taught me a variety of skills and inculcated values which help me grow and become a better version of myself. Over the three years in this CCA, I have become more confidence in my dancing. Additionally, through the opportunity to lead my peers and juniors as the dance captain, I have learnt to be more independent and resilient in facing any challenges.  I really love this CCA because it feels like my family and a second home.”

- Regine Low 4E3 ( President)

Dance 3.jpg

“I remember after stepping down from this CCA and graduating from the school, I still have the desire to return to help and guide my juniors for the CCA sessions. Unfortunately at that time, due to Covid-19 restrictions, I was unable to do so.  Even though I have graduated, I regularly volunteer to come back for dance events and to coach my junior dancers. It reminds me of the days when I trained in school for dance competitions, performances and SYF. I also hope to instill in them the same values of discipline with a balance of fun.”

- Liew Man Ting (Current Alumni , President 2020)

Dance 4.jpg

“When I first joined the dance CCA, I felt a little out of place as I was the only boy in my batch. I felt somewhat insecure initially due to that reason and lacked confidence in my dancing. However, as I made friends with my peers and seniors, the energy and atmosphere in the CCA gradually become a comfortable environment for me. I have definitely grown to be more confident and ready as a dancer. I’m grateful for all the teachers, instructors and the friends whom I have made in this CCA, for shaping me into who I am today.”

- Siow Junyang Sec 3

dance 5.jpg

“When I joined the Dance CCA, I was super nervous, yet excited as dancing is my passion and I looked forward to dance with my future crew mates. Along the way, there were many ups and downs but we all overcame it together. We all improved on our weaknesses with the help of our fellow CCA mates. I made many new friends and became close with my peers as we shared special memories in this CCA. I am looking forward to what the future entails.”

-  Anriana Perez Sec 3