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Guitar Ensemble

Guitar in our Hands, Music in our Hearts

Our Guitar Ensemble strives to make our members masters of the guitar. Playing as a cohesive ensemble, our members have fun learning to play classical guitar pieces as well as modern pop tunes to perfection. Students from our Guitar Ensemble are given ample opportunities to take part in competitions, perform in public and to attend guitar workshops and concerts.

Through Guitar Ensemble CCA, students will learn the fundamental guitar skills such as reading chords, notes and rhythms. Students will also be taught the basics of right hand and left hand techniques as well as guitar fingering techniques. Besides learning in sections, the students will also work as an ensemble to work on the tone and dynamics of musical pieces. The students can expect to learn a new piece every two to three weeks to expand their repertoire and exposure to classical as well as pop music.

Guitar Ensemble CCA aims to inculcate confidence in students by exposing them to performances within school and in the community. While the ensemble strives to achieve the best during SYF events, the focus of our CCA is to instill joy in students in both competitive and non-competitive environments. Most importantly, our CCA hopes that the students will understand the value of community service via our yearly Values-in-Action performances.

1. Miss Razmirah
2. Mdm Tan Ai Choo
3. Mdm Seah Mei Ping

CCA Schedule and Venue
Every Tuesday and Thursday (3 – 5 pm)
Learning Hub 1

CCA Leaders (Year 2023)

President: Lee Qin Yi Jade Marianne (4E4)
Vice-President (Upper Sec): Phuah Xiang Yu Vince (4E1)
Vice-President (Lower Sec): Tan Lexin (2E 2022)

Awards & Achievements

SYF Arts Presentation Achievements:
Certificates ObtainedCommendationDistinctionAccomplishmentAccomplishmentAccomplishment 

Other Achievements / Performances:
(a) JYSS Soiree Performance (2018) @ Our Tampines Hub
(b) Arts of Healing Performance (2017) @ Tan Tock Seng Hospital
(c) In Youthful Company Performance (2016) @ Esplanade

Our Journey

Highlights of our Guitar CCA

I love being in Guitar CCA as it has taught me various skills such as reading chords as well as guitar fingering. Above all, I feel at ease when I play the guitar as it allows me to express myself. Being a Logistic IC has also developed my leadership skills. I feel blessed being in Guitar Ensemble as it is very fun!

Nurul Haziqah Binte Kamsan (4N2, 2021)

“As someone who has zero knowledge on guitar and scores, being in Guitar Ensemble has allowed me to learn many new things that I have not encountered such as reading the guitar scores, playing some music from the instrument itself and knowing the basics of guitar. For the past 3-4 years, I have grown to love this CCA as there are so many wonderful people around. Its the teachers in charge, Mr Eugene Lee, and my fellow mates and close friends I made in this CCA who made Guitar Ensemble more fun and interesting. Guitar is useful to me because it is another talent added in the list as I am someone who think that I have no talent. I think it has helped me to love music more and has given me the chance to play songs that I love. You might even meet lifetime bestfriends here in the CCA just like me!”

– Koh Jie Ying (Alumni)

“I love to learn more about music through classical guitar. Someone once told me that the Guitar provides an orchestral setting similar to that of no other instrument, and I truly believe in this. Playing the Guitar gives me a very unique and pure form of joy in my life. The strong emphasis on the value of leadership skills learnt during my secondary school days have also helped me to become the President of SMU Guitarissimo and aided me greatly in the day-to-day running of the club. I believe in sharing more about the Guitar and instilling the belief in others that leaders are not born, but shaped when growing up. This is why I have decided to help at my alma mater, to inspire juniors to lead well and to continue pursuing their passion in Guitar.”

Wijaya Willian Ong (Alumni)

Our SYF Journey (2021)

Singapore Youth Festival 2019

Values-in-Action Performance

Pushcart Event

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Bonding Activities

Guitar - CCA Free Day 2022

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Guitar 2022 - CCA Free Day - 2.jpeg

Guitar 2022 - CCA Free Day - 3.jpeg