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Symphonic Band

Band members will learn how to read notes and play musical instruments even if they do not have any knowledge of music before joining the band. Our experienced and qualified instructors will be able to guide you to ensure that you are able to do so as quickly as possible. Band seniors will be mentors to assist you in your journey into the world of music which is enriching, empowering and fun!

In your journey into this fascinating world of music you will be able to develop your character such as: a confident person who adaptable and resilient as you venture different styles and genre in music; a self-directed learner when you practice your parts individually during sectionals or at home; an active contributor who is able to work effectively in team when you come to gather to play and enjoy music as one band with one sound!

All band members are responsible as they are required to play their parts well as this will be crucial in the songs/performances. Each band member role is important and significant when the band come together to perform, regardless how small their part is.

Practices inculcates mentoring and peer coaching. Such activities promotes not on team work but also for band members to take an active part in bettering the lives of others around them and a deep sense of ownership.

Teachers in Charge
1. Mr. Farouq bin Abdul Aziz
2. Mr. Benson Lee
3. Mr. Andre Ng

CCA Schedule and Venue
Every Tuesday and Thursday 3.00 pm to 5.30 pm
Music Room and AVA Room (Level 3)

CCA Leaders (Year 2023)
1. Band Major (CCA Chair): Siti Nur Hikmahtul Adawiyah Binte Muhammed Ashiq (4E1)
2. Assistant Band Major (CCA Vice-Chair): Jasmine Yap (4E3)
3. Drum Major: Rini Hanis Mohamed Rosdee (4E4)

Awards and Achievements

SYF Arts Presentation Achievements:
Year 20132015201720192021
Certificates Obtained AccomplishmentAccomplishmentCommendationAccomplishmentAccomplishment

Other Achievements/Performances:
(a) Soiree Performance 2018 @ Our Tampines Hub

Our Journey

Highlights of our CCA

"I chose band because I am interested in music and I wanted to try out what it would be like to join a symphonic band. After I joined band, I learnt how to play instruments and under the tutelage of the instructors and helpful seniors, we are able to learn a variety of theories, techniques in playing the instrument and values such as resilience. 

Our CCA motto is, One Band, One Sound. That means we play and learn together as one band. Despite being split into different sections we are able to work together, as we believe that every person in the band counts. Even though we practice in separate rooms due to Covid-19 measures, we manage to learn together by helping each other out in times when we are having difficulties. This experience taught us how to persevere through the hard times, be more resilient and how to be a good team player. 

My CCA helped me grow more as a person as it taught me to be more inclusive of others while working with then. With the help of my band seniors, I have been more active and motivated as a person. Thus I enjoy being in band." - Teo Eu Chia, Band Major (2018)

“I guess what makes me enjoy band was the process of preparing for performances, something like when we were practicing together for soirée. I also really liked it when we were able to play songs that we chose.” - Wong Xin Hui (3E2, 2021)

“I like how in band we are all united together despite our differences and we are able to help and support each other.”  - Avril Lee 3E4 2020

“I like the people who help us juniors learn and help us in all our needs.” - Ryan Poh 2N1 2020

“It is fun because I think it’s the fact that i get to play music and it makes me feel very happy when we get to finish playing a piece together.” - Maegan Tan, Drum Major 2019

National Day Observance Ceremony 2022 Performance

The band accompanying the music for the National Day Observance Parade and the National Anthem. An exciting event and performance that band members look forward to every year!




The band performing during Teachers’ Day. Always an honour for us to perform for our teachers!