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  • Focused & Disciplined.

Awards & Achievements

  • Singapore National Games
  • Inter-school B and C division Top 4
  • Invitational Friendly

Plans for 2019

  • To achieve overall championship gold for Interschool Girls events.
  • To achieve overall championship silver for Inter-school Boys events.

CCA Schedule & Venue

Every Tuesday and Thursday (3.00 pm – 5.30 pm)

School Field / CD Shelter (Level 1)


Mr Kenny Wong

Mr Kenn Thng

Mrs Thana Revathi Prem Gopie

Mdm Ng Sui Lin

CCA Leaders

Captain: Rean Ong (3E1)

Vice Captain: Keith Low (3E1), Jana Sarah Tay (3E4)

Lower Sec Captain: Brandon Ong (2E4)

Lower Sec Vice Captain: Maria Ishwari Rose Day (1E2)




Our teachers are the pillars of our CCA. They plan various activities for our CCA members to further develop our strengths in order to help us achieve our full potential.

"Shoot to be strong. Aim to be better."
                                   - Mr Kenny Wong

"Basically, we have a group of disciplined individuals who are hungry for success. So they take their training very seriously, and when they go for competitions, they always eye for the gold medal. This is something I'm very proud of in my CCA students In terms of commitment, I have never seen a group of students who are more committed to their CCAs other than Archery students."
                                   - Mr Feraj Amzah


Our members are the important building blocks of our CCA. Each and every one of us have something to contribute, and our part to play. As we grow and develop, we become stronger and so does our CCA. 

"If you want me to give you a word to describe our CCA, it's fun."

                                  - Kieth Low (3E1)

"The people here are all very competitive, but they are also equally just as supportive."

                                  - Maria Ishwari Rose Day (2E2)

"Archery is a sport that's not very common and it's good to see everyone coming together to shoot and have the coaches coach us. It's a very good feeling when you see the arrow hit the middle target."

                                  - Javier Ng (3E3)