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Our archery club was started in 2009 with a small number of 27 archers. Through the years, we have grown from strength to strength to an average of 80 archers (Sec 1 – 5) annually. We have steadily climbed up the archery scene as archers to be reckoned with and our archers have continually brought home honours, trophies and medals from the competitions.

While archery is considered an expensive sport, we do support our archers with the equipment needed. We also strongly encourage them (not compulsory) to consider getting their own equipment once they become intermediate archers, typically from secondary 2 onwards as they progress on.

Archery is a unique sport that is quite different from other CCA sports as it entails more stillness than active movement. Culmination of form, discipline, strength in the form of physical and mental are all crucial for success in archery. You will learn the value of sportsmanship and camaraderie with your fellow archers and competitors in competitions.

Plans for the CCA
1. To achieve overall championship gold for Interschool Girls events.
2. To achieve overall championship silver for Interschool Boys events.

Focused & Disciplined

CCA Schedule
Every Tuesday and Thursday (3.00 pm – 5.30 pm)
School Field / CD Shelter (Level 1)

1. Mr Kenny Wong
2. Mr Muhammad Faisal
3. Ms Teo Swee Wah

CCA Leaders:
Upper Sec (Year 2022)
1. Captain: Andin Risdany Yurisno (3E4)
2. Vice-Captain: Chiang Zhi Lin (3E4)
3. Vice-Captain: Kou Yong Yu, Rochelle (3E2)

Lower Sec (Year 2022)
1. Captain: Chloe Sim Xiao Zhuo (2B)
2. Vice-Captain: Aliah Nur Diyanah Binte Mohamed Nurulhaizat (2B)
3. Vice-Captain: Sim Hong Rui (2D)



 Our Journey

Highlights of our CCA


"Shoot to be strong. Aim to be better."     - Mr Kenny Wong

"Basically, we have a group of disciplined individuals who are hungry for success. So they take their training very seriously, and when they go for competitions, they always eye for the gold medal. This is something I'm very proud of in my CCA students In terms of commitment, I have never seen a group of students who are more committed to their CCAs other than Archery students."  - Mr Feraj Amzah

Our CCA Experience (through challenging times)


“Life is like a sandwich, the bread always comes first.”
- Risdany (Captain, 3E4 2022)

ARCHERY 2.jpg  (B-Division Interschool Competition 2022)

“Never say never because limits, like fears are often just illusions.”
- Rochelle (Vice-captain, 3E2 2022)

ARCHERY 3.jpg  (Lower Sec Bonding Day 2022)

“Life is not a game of luck. If you wanna win, work hard.”
- Zhi Lin (Vice-captain, 3E4 2022)