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Basketball (Boys)


United We Stand


  • 4th in the East Zone "C" Boys Basketball Competition (2006)
  • 4th in East Zone "B" Boys Basketball competition (2008)
  • 4th in T-net "C" Boys Competition (2018)

Plans for 2019

  • To achieve top 4 in the East Zone
  • To achieve success together as a team.

CCA Schedule & Venue

Every Tuesday and Thursday (3.00pm to 5.30pm)

Indoor Sports Hall (Level 1)


Mr Tan Chwoon Ping Ivan

Ms Koh Xiu Huan Joanna

Ms Tow Li Wan

CCA Leaders

Captain: Victor Chong Li Sheng (3N1)

Vice Captain: Lim Tzer Chian (3N1)

Lower Sec Leader 1: Aqasha Khan Surattee Bin Mohamed (2N2)

Lower Sec Leader 2: Sanchez Andrei Casenas (2E3)




Our teachers are the pillars of our CCA. They plan various activities for our CCA members to further develop our strengths in order to help us achieve our full potential.

"A trophy carries dust, but memories lasts forever."

                                                                        - Mr Tan Chwoon Ping Ivan 

"The best five doesn't win the game but the best team does."

                                                                        - Ms Joanna Koh

"Need to be disciplined to achieve."

                                                                        - Ms Tow Li Wan


Our members are the important building blocks of our CCA. Each and everyone one of us have something to contribute, and our part to play. As we grow and develop, we become stronger and so does our CCA.

"Being a great leader is one that does not make followers, but to inspire others towards a common goal."

                                                                     - Victor Chong (3N1)

"Basketball has been a part of my life. A place I go to when I need comfort and peace. It has been a wild ride and it's a relationship that evolves over time."

                                                                      - Marcus Choy (3N1)


"Our teammates are fun and we have an encouraging and caring Coach as well."

                                                                       - Keith Tan (3N1)

"The CCA is bonded by people with common interest which enables us to motivate each other."

                                                                        - Benjamin Tan (3N3)