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Track & Field

Faster, Higher, Stronger
To impart love of exercise and running; build a resilient athlete with respect for sportsmanship.

Plans for CCA
· Semi-finals for individual and relay events
· For members to achieve their personal best
· Greater unity and team spirit

CCA Schedule & CCA Venue
Every Tuesday and Thursday
3 pm – 5 pm (school training) or 3.30 pm - 5.30 pm (external training at Bedok Stadium / Bedok Reservoir / Tampines Hub)

1. Mr Elkan Lam Tung Ying
2. Ms Nur Suhaila Ahmad Khusairi
3. Ms Peggy Boey
4. Mr Ng Kuan Shin

CCA Leaders (Year 2022)
Upper Secondary:
1. Captain (Boys): Lee Zhe Ann (4N1)
2. Captain (Girls): Goh Xuan Hui Janelle (4E2)
3. Vice-Captain (Boys): Low Jie Yi (4N1)
4. Vice-Captain (Girls): Rai Nirwani (4N2)


National Inter-School Track and Field Championships:
AchievementsB Boys:
1. Long Jump - 13th 
(Irfan Zamir, 3E2)
2. 100m - Semi-Finals
(Irfan Zamir, 3E2)
(Aqil, 4E1)
3. 4x100m - Semi-Finals
C Boys:
1. 400m - Top 16
(Hakim, 2E1)
2. 4x100m - Semi Finals
C Girls:
4x100m - Semi-Finals
C Boys:
1. 800m - Top 16
(Stuart Wayne, 2E4)
2. 4x100m - Semi-Finals
C Girls:
4x100m - Semi-Finals
B Boys:
1. 400m - 2nd
2. 4x400m - Finals

Other Achievements:
Singapore Athletics Schools Meet 2019: B Div Boys Long Jump 7th (Irfan Zamir - 3E2)

Our Journey

"We are not only looking for talented youths, but those who have the passion for running as well as to keep fit in general." - Mr Elkan Lam (Teacher IC)

"You may not be the fastest runner in the world, but you can be the fastest you can be. So break your personal bests!" - Ms Suhailah (Teacher IC)

"To be Self Disciplined and Self Motivated." - Mr Vincent Lee (ex-Teacher IC)

"My cca’s focus is to impart love of exercise and running; build a resilient athlete with respect for sportsmanship. My CCA is a sport which include athletic contests established on the skills of running, jumping, and throwing. My CCA is not just about speed during training. It is more of our attitude and discipline. In my CCA I learnt that regular practice and self discipline is important, without which I cannot progress much in my skills. When I first joined my CCA I was really nervous and clueless as it was my first time joining track & field. After a few months of training and with the guidance of my senior, I felt welcomed and encouraged to do well for my CCA. Although there were many up and downs I managed to remain focus and is determined to do well. Therefore I am really proud to be part of the track team."   

- Batrisyia Fatini (Captain) - 4N2, 2021

"The thing that I enjoy about my CCA is that we could run freely as the wind. At times, we could play games together as a team which allows us to work together as a team." - Mohammed Fadhil (Ex-Captain)

"Track & Field has shaped me to the person I am now. Being in the CCA throughout my secondary school life, I had learnt perseverance, to never give up when a challenge comes in my way. The CCA helped me develop my inner self, making me confident & more self-conscious. All these made me a better person, for myself and for the community." - Aniq (Ex-Captain)

1) Sec 4/5 Stepdown & Post Nationals Celebrations


2) CCA Fair & Trials


3) Nationals, Cross Country & External Competitions