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Boys’ Brigade


"Sure and Steadfast"


  • Award Unit Gold Honour Roll 2016
  • Award Unit Silver Honour Roll 2015
  • Award Unit Silver Honour Roll 2014

Plans for 2019

  • To achieve silver for the boy brigade company

CCA Schedule & CCA Venue

Every Tuesday (3 pm to 5.00 pm)

Every Alternate Saturday (8.45 am to 12 pm)

School Parade Square / Classroom C1-03


Mr Ang Kuang Soon

Mrs Bey Shi Pei

CCA Leaders

Sergeant: Sgt Soh Jing Hao (3E4)

Sergeant: Sgt Goh Qi Yang (3E1)

Sergeant: Sgt Yu Hao Jen (3E1)



Our teachers are the pillars of our CCA. They plan various activities for our CCA members to further develop out strengths in order to help us achieved our full potential.

"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."

                                                        - Mr Ang

"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible"

                                                         - Mrs Bey



Our members are the important building blocks of our CCA. Each and every one of us has something to contribute, and out part to play. As we grow and develop, we become stronger and so does our CCA.

 "Our faith can move mountains."
                                                      - Yu Hao Jen (3E1)

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"

                                                     - SGT Soh Jing Hao (3E4)

"We can do things together only when we are together."

                                                    - Goh Qi Yang (3E1)

"We have nice seniors willing to help out the juniors."

                                                   - SGT Soh Jing Hao (3E4)


JMF Award Presentation Ceremony 2017