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National Police Cadet Corps


To develop cadets for the 21st century

CCA Schedule & CCA Venue
Every Tuesdays and Thursdays (3 pm to 5 pm)
Parade Square / Classrooms

1. Ms Jolene Ng
2. Mr Loh Chee Teng
3. Ms Cheong Wei Yuen
4. Ms Siti Syafiqah

CCA Leaders (Year 2022)
1. Chairman: Muhd 'Ammar (4E4)
2. Deputy Chairman: Ganapathy Janaki (4E4)
3. Head Admin: Sri Dafina (4E2)
4. Head PT: Xavier Tey (4T1)
5. Head Welfare: Amos Lim (4E1)


Unit Overall Proficiency Award:

Our Journey
Highlights of our CCA

"Discipline and Resilience are the key to becoming good servants of the country" - Mr Loh Chee Teng

"Leaders with characters and values" - Ms Siti Syafiqaah Bte Wahid

"The cadets to strive to be the best in whatever they set to do" - Mr Low Kia Sin

 Interview with our Student Leaders



NPCC3A.jpg NPCC2B.jpg

"Team work is the key to success!" - Izzul (3N3)

"We need to make Singapore the safest country" - Fasihah (3E4)

"We need to bond together to know more about each other's personalities" - Irfan Shazwan (2T1)

"We believe that in order to be alert on emergencies we should have more communication." - Isabelle Koh (2T1)