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St. John Brigade

All St John Brigade members may look forward to receiving training and experiential learning in the following areas:
- First Aid & Life Support
- Transportation of Casualties
- Cadet Proficiency Badges Scheme
- Home Nursing
- Foot Drill
- Leadership Courses

First Aid & Life Support consists of the full Basic First Aid and Adult First Aid certification syllabus, as well as CPR+AED and Basic Cardiac Life Support. All members are equipped with the foundational skills of First Aid, upon which further knowledge can be built through on-the-job training the Public Duties and further courses.

Home Nursing equips our members with the essential knowledge required to care for the sick and frail in the comfort of their own homes. Lessons will cover Hand Hygiene, Vital Signs Monitoring and Management, Wound Care, Administration of Medication, etc., which will ultimately culminate with the Basic Home Nursing certification.

Transportation of Casualties trains our members to transport the injured and overcome obstacles to safety, both with and without the use of stretchers. Members may also have the opportunity to train on our ambulances, and put their knowledge to practice through on-the-job training at Public Duties.

Foot Drill instils in our members the discipline, resilience, and espirit-de-corps expected of a uniformed organisation. Members will have the opportunity to participate in parades and ceremonies at their respective Corps, Zone, or the National Headquarters. Some members may even have the chance to march in the National Day Parade or the Singapore Youth Festival Opening Ceremony!

The Cadet Proficiency Badges Scheme (CPBS) is a unique badgework programme for our Cadets, aimed at encouraging them to further enhance their interest in subjects outside their normal curriculum. Under the CPBS, cadets are given opportunities to take part in an array of activities, divided into four categories:

1. Welfare and Service
2. Outdoor Activities
3. Skill and Hobbies
4. General

Each St John cadet will take ownership to craft their own unique and multi-disciplinary CPBS experience. Through the various proficiency badge subjects, Cadets will discover the joy of learning about the world around them, and equip themselves with knowledge which will accompany them for higher education and careers beyond secondary school.

Leadership Courses in St John provides the opportunity for cadets to undergo at least two levels of leadership training during their time with us – the Basic and Advanced Non-Commissioned Officers’ Courses. Through these courses, the Cadets not only learn to manage their respective Corps, but also discover their own strength and leadership potential, and bring home values which will accompany them for the rest of their lives.

Through St John, our members have grown to become resilient and compassionate leaders who are ready to contribute to their community. The St John Brigade community have a particularly strong group of alumni in the healthcare sector, who have continued to serve Singapore as doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals. Many of these healthcare professionals continue to volunteer with St John, sharing their passion with a future generation.


1. Mrs Kho Chin Alicia

2. Mdm Nur Aisha 

3. Ms Nur Zahirah 

4. Mr Yeo Jun Qiang

CCA Schedule

Every Tuesdays (2.45 pm to 5.30 pm)

Thursdays / Saturdays (only if there are upcoming events)

CCA Venue

Parade Square & Classroom C1-02

CCA Leaders (Year 2020)

1. Overall IC (OC):   Phoebe Leow (3E1)

2. Second Overall IC (2IC):   Nur Alhaya (3E1)

3. Squad IC (Sec 1):   Phylicia Lim (3E1), Yeo Zi Yun (3N3)

4. Squad IC (Sec 2):   Doris Yeo (3T1), Tan Jing Zhe (3N3) 

5. Admin IC:   Dya Sofya (3E1)



(a) Corps Achievement Award - GOLD

(b) First Aid and Home Nursing Competition - Silver


(a) Corps Achievement Award - GOLD

(b) First Aid Competition - Silver

(c) SANA Ambassador Silver Project and Showcase


(a) Corps Achievement Award - Silver

(b) First Aid and Home Nursing Competition - 2nd


(a) Corps Achievement Award - Bronze


Corps Achievement Award - Bronze


Corps Achievement Award - Bronze

Today, the birth of the St John’s movement has been more than 900 years. Our motto, “For the Service of Humanity”, reminds us of our mission to help the sick and injured regardless of nationality, status, race or religion. St John Brigade (SJB) aims to provide opportunities for our cadets to not only learn first aid and nursing skills, but also to equip them with important life skills to serve the community and our nation. 

In Junyuan Secondary, the SJB cadet is exposed to a mixture of first aid skills ranging from basic first aid treatment to practicing CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) with the aid of an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator). SJB students constantly revise and practise their first aid skills not only for competitions but are deployed for school and national events and public duties held at marathon for example. In addition, they engage in VIA projects which inculcate the values of responsibility and care for the community. SJB students are involved in various courses which allows them to get badges that are classified in four different categories, welfare and services, outdoor activities, crafts and hobbies and general. SJB is indeed a CCA organisation that prides itself on being a symbol of excellence as well as champions for the community.


Our Journey

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