MySkillsFuture (Secondary School)A one-stop ECG portal with information and tools for students
O-level JAE – 2020Post-sec options, entry requirements, aggregate, etc.
O-level JIE (Nitec)
N-level JIE – 2020
ITE CoursesList of all ITE Courses
ITE Prospectus 2020Information on ITE courses, including Traineeship
Polytechnic CoursesList of all Polytechnic courses
ITE EAEITE Early Admissions Exercise (for N/O-level students)
ITE EAE FAQFAQ for ITE EAE (Important: read if you are considering EAE)
Poly EAEPoly Early Admissions Exercise (for O-level students)
Poly EAE FAQFAQ for Poly EAE (Important: read if you are considering EAE)
DSA-JCDirect School Admission – Junior Colleges (for O-level students)
Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP)Applicable to 4NA students
Direct Entry Scheme to Polytechnic Programme (DPP)Applicable to 4NA students
ITE Traineeship SchemeA formalised ‘Earn-as-you-Learn’ training arrangement
Joint Polytechnic Admissions Exercise (JPAE)Admission to the five polytechnics for Nitec & Higher Nitec students
IBDP CurriculumInternational Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) curriculum
MyCareersFutureA portal with career-related content
Industry Transformation Maps (ITMs)Roadmaps for the various industries in Singapore
Skills FrameworkInformation on career sectors, pathways, roles, skills, training, etc.
ECG Parent GuideJourneying with our Children, Achieving their Aspirations
Schoolbag WebsiteAn online publication by MOE for education news, school features and tips.
The Next Step Forward (e-book)Stories of students and the pathways they have chosen
What’s Next (After PSLE, ‘N’/’O’/’A’-level)Applicable to all graduating students
Post-Secondary Education OptionsApplicable to all graduating students
Post-Secondary School BrochureApplicable to all graduating students
Committee for Private EducationResources for students considering private education
MOE Financial Assistance SchemeApplicable to all students

BookJoint Intake Exercise (JIE) for N-levels 2020PDF
P6Important Dates to NoteP10
P10List of Nitec courses (MER, LAS, footnotes, etc.)P14
P14 – 15Nitec Footnote examplesP18 – 19
P16Conversion of points & Bonus (Nitec)P20
P183-Yr Nitec with Enhanced Nitec Foundation ProgrammeP22
P20Nitec SynopsisP24
P36 – 47Application process, website details, contact number, etc.P40 – 51
P38, 43 & 85Guide to Internet Application: 2-yr Nitec, 3-yr Nitec & DPPP42, 47 & 89
P48 – 49Interview detailsP52 – 53
P59 & 99Instruction for successful applicants (Nitec & Higher Nitec)P63 & 103
P60 & 100Instructions for AppealP64 & 104
P64 – 71DPP Qualifying GPA & Course MappingP68 – 75
P73 – 74List of Higher Nitec (MER, LAS, footnotes, etc.)P77 – 78
P75Conversion of points & Bonus (Higher Nitec via DPP)P79
P76Course SynopsisP80
P101Other Information e.g. Fees, FAS & sponsorships, etc.P105
P117Traineeship ApplicationP121
P129Forms for successful applicantsP133

BookJoint Admissions Exercise (JAE) for O-levels 2020PDF
P7Registration PeriodP15
P9Form A SampleP17
P11Posting ProcedureP19
P12Bonus PtsP20
P13 – 14Posting Results, Acceptance of Offer & Appeal/TransferP21 – 22
P26 – 28Aggregate Computation (JC/MI, Polytechnic, ITE Higher Nitec)P34 – 36
P30 – 31Admission Criteria & Conditional Admission: JC & MIP38 – 39
P32 – 77Polytechnic MER, Aggregate Range & Footnotes (NYP, NP, RP, SP & TP)P40 – 85
P78 – 83Higher Nitec MER, Aggregate Range & FootnotesP86 – 91
P95 – 100Special Programmes in JCP103 – 108
P103 – 138School Information for JC & MIP111 – 141
P141 – 142Entry Requirements: LaSalle & NAFAP149 – 150