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Home Based Learning

If you are accessing this page, it is either:

A.    There is a planned Home-Based Learning (HBL) day or period set aside for you to remain at home to complete your HBL Lessons. In this case, you should adhere to the instructions that have already been given to you prior to the start of the HBL day/ period;


B.    There is a Full Home-Based Learning (FHBL) or Blended Learning, and the school has communicated with you to access this page for further instructions;


C.    You are placed under Home Quarantine Order (HQO), Stay-Home Notice (SHN), Leave of Absence (LOA) or Approved Absence


1.     Junyuan Secondary will be on Home-Based Learning on 01 October 2020 due to the O level Science Practical Examinations

2.     If you are on HBL, remember to check-in your attendance by 10 am.

3.     You are familiar with the process and would have been given instructions:

a.     By your teachers on the assignments and tasks you need to do on HBL day,

b.     To log-in to your account for the Student Learning Space (SLS) for your assigned lessons, or/and,

c.     To check your email for specific instructions from your subject teachers

4.     You should be able to access your account for the Student Learning Space (SLS). If you cannot remember how to log-in or forgot your password, go to this page: https://junyuansec.moe.edu.sg/other-information/student-learning-space-sls

5.     You should also have an email address with which the teachers can communicate with you.  You should have a JYMail email address for this purpose. If you cannot remember the log-in details or the password, go to this page: https://junyuansec.moe.edu.sg/other-information/jymail

6.     If there are no lessons assigned in SLS, and there are no instructions in your email, it means that the lessons have not been uploaded, the teachers are still preparing the materials, or you have forgotten these instructions. Please log-in to SLS, or check your email again, in 2 hours’ time.

7.     We expect you to follow the instructions provided in the SLS assigned lessons, or in the email by your subject teachers. These instructions may include, but not limited, to the following

a.     Deadlines for the submission of assignments;

b.     The time you should spend completing the lessons;

c.     Activities/ tasks you need to do using your textbooks/ workbooks/ predistributed worksheets;

d.     Common times to log-on for collaborative or real-time lessons

8.     If you need further clarifications, you should email your subject teachers. You can find their email addresses here: https://junyuansec.moe.edu.sg/other-information/contact-us/staffs-emails. If for some reason, you do not know who is your subject teacher, you should email the HOD for the subject for which you have a query

9.     If you are a parent reading this announcement, please be assured that your child is fully prepared to take responsibility for his/her own learning. There are several ways you can support his learning.

a.     If you would like to help him/ her plan his/ her day of HBL, you can refer to his/ her timetable here:  https://junyuansec.moe.edu.sg/other-information/student-timetable. Students can choose to enact their actual timetable for the day to apportion the time they spend for each subject.

b.     You may also ask your child to share the task that he/ she is doing. Generally these tasks are aligned to the Learning and Assessment Plan which can be accessed here: https://junyuansec.moe.edu.sg/nurturing-our-champs/learning-and-assessment

c.     Share good cyber and health habits – focus on the tasks instead of surfing other sites or checking social media; take regular breaks from learning so that the mind can consolidate and sustain effort; take time to exercise and eat well; take the opportunity to bond as a family. You may also refer to the following links for more tips on how to support your child during this period:



d.     We will be discouraging synchronous lessons during this period of Blended Learning. Our teachers teach different levels, and thus will conduct asynchronous lesson. (NEW)

We hope everyone will continue to adhere to the restrictions under Phase 1 of the re-opening of the Circuit-Breaker. For more details about school re-opening, please refer to the PG announcement on 28 May 2020, and the email sent to all students on the same day.

We are confident that every Junyuanite will know what to do to continue learning even when they are not in school. If you have queries and clarifications that cannot be resolved via the above instructions, do contact the school at:

Tel: 6587 3683/84

Email: junyuan_ss@moe.edu.sg

Keep well, and we will see you when you return to school!

Mr Mohamed Razali


Resource Kit - HBL.pdf

Resource Kit - HBL (Part 2).pdf

Resource Kit - Parent Kit - Back to School (Updated-final).pdf

Resource Kit - Parent Kit - My Independent Learner.pdf