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2022 Mother Tongue Language Fortnight


In Junyuan, Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Fortnight is one of the school’s key programmes to create meaningful shared experiences. This annual programme aims to create an immersive environment for learning and appreciating Mother Tongue Languages and Cultures. Every year, the theme changes and offers a varied experience for all our students. 

This year, the Mother Tongue Department has decided on the universal language – MUSIC as the MTL Fortnight theme. After an initial survey, we found many talented students who are well-versed in cultural musical instruments. With the current COVID measures, the department has explored alternative platforms to continue bringing the music experiences alive. Students, at each different levels, would be exposed to a wide variety of activities such as Music Appreciation where they get to select their own learning packages based on their interests. They would be working on a piece of Music-related assignment of their choice to deepen their interest in areas that spark curiosity. 

To start off the experience, you may access the link together with your child and watch these music performances for free in the next few upcoming months! Come back to this space for more updates!

Or use this QR Code for easy access to the link: