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Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Emergency Evacuation Drill

All Junyuan Secondary School students should familiarise themselves with the emergency evacuation procedure so that they will be able to react in a calm and speedy manner should an emergency occur within the school premises. A copy of evacuation routes is displayed in all room

Upon activation:

  • There will be a continuous ringing of the alarm (about 1 minute) followed by an announcement over the PA system to confirm evacuation.
  • Everyone is to remain in position and keep quiet. If you are outside, proceed to the nearest room/place with a PA speaker where you can hear the announcement.

Evacuation procedures during emergency drill


At Assembly Area:

  • Refrain from talking and making noise.
  • Listen to instructions.
  • Stay within your lines and with your class.
  • Do not leave the assembly area unless with permission from the teachers.
  • Stay calm and be patient.

Stand down/ Termination of Emergency

  • The P/VP will announce the stand down.
  • Further instructions/ debriefing will then be given for the next course of actions.

Latest update: 3 Jan 2019