Road Safety

Road Safety


Students who walk to school:

  • Always use the pedestrian crossing e.g. zebra crossing, traffic signal lights, overhead bridges and underpasses, where available.
  • Use the designated footpath.
  • Use the pedestrian crossing when crossing Tampines Street 84.

Students who take public transport to school:

  • Wait for the bus/taxi to stop completely before boarding or alighting from a bus/taxi.
  • Never play nor stand in the bus bay.

Students who are cycling to school:

  • Dismount and walk the bicycle when using the pedestrian crossing.
  • Do not cycle in the school compound.
  • Walk your bicycle in and out of the school compound using the designated route.
  • Park and secure your bicycle at the designated bicycle bay within the school compound.

Students who are driven to school:

  • To get ready in advance to alight from the vehicle.
  • To alight at the designated drop off point at the foyer.

Advise your parents on the following

  • Adhere to the speed limit within the school compound.
  • Drive forward where possible to maximize the use of drop off bay at the school foyer. The sheltered space provided is adequate to accommodate at least 2 vehicles.
  • Turn left when exiting the school to avoid holding traffic from leaving and entering the school.

For registering your PMD, click the link below:

Personal Mobility Device Registration


Latest update: 11 Feb 2020