Sports Safety

Safety precautions during Sport activities within curriculum hour (include PE and CCA)

Students are:

·        to inform their teacher if they do not feel well

·        to inform their teachers when they sustain an injury during activity or CCA

·        to inform his/her teacher if he/she has any medical condition (e.g. recovering from flu, asthma, fractures, weak heart etc.).

·        to drink plenty of water before and after the activity or CCA to avoid dehydration.

·        to have with them, at all time, any special medication (e.g. asthma inhalants) that they may need.

·        to observe all safety rules and regulations pertaining to the specific sport/game.

Safety precautions for playing sports/games outside curriculum hour

Students are not to participate in any games if they are not feeling well.

·        Students are not to engage in physical activities when the venue is deemed not suitable for activities. For eg. Flooring is wet and deemed unsuitable for play.

·        Students are to report to the General Office (Tel: 65873683) if there are any injuries.

·        Students are responsible for their own valuables.

·        Students are to seek shelter immediately when the Lightning Warning System is activated.

·        Students are not to leave any litter behind at the playing areas.

·        Students are allowed to loan equipment from a cage placed outside the PE store. It is the students’ responsibilities to return the equipment after use.

·        Other equipment for loan are to be requested through PE teachers or approach the General Office for assistance.

Latest update: 3 Jan 2019