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Principal's Message

Junyuan Secondary School was established in January 1999 to serve the community when Tampines was a new town. The school has since made significant progress in delivering a holistic education and we are immensely grateful to our former Principals for their strong stewardship and vision of learning, in particular Mr. Mohamed Razali who has led the school over the past six years.

Our school name ‘Junyuan’ means ‘the source of good things’ in Mandarin and as a community, we believe in the intrinsic worth of every student and that he/she can do good for themselves and others. Our school vision of nurturing Champions for the Community also encapsulates two important purposes of education – for students to become the best versions of themselves and to apply their talents for the greater good.

This ethos resonates with my belief that education is about providing students with the opportunities to explore who they are as a person and how they can make the world a better place. Students embark on this journey of exploration from the first time they enter the school gates and each encounter in school is an opportunity for us to build their confidence and uplift their aspirations. We build our students’ beliefs in the value of their unique attributes by recognising the diversity that they bring to the learning community and in turn guiding them to respect the perspectives of others too.

To achieve our vision of nurturing Champions for the Community, our students must first learn well and lead well. We facilitate this by developing both the mind and character of our students in a safe, supportive and inclusive school environment so that they have the best possible chance to succeed, regardless of their starting point. We continue to refresh the context of learning by leveraging technology, so that students can demonstrate their learning in a manner which best reflects their unique attributes and strengths. By making learning personalised and purposeful, we help our students to embrace the attitude and skill of learning for life. These dispositions and beliefs when honed well, will empower students to navigate their education and career pathways purposefully and develop to their fullest potential. By immersing them in experiences which encourage creativity and initiative-taking, we help our students to see themselves as active contributors with the agency to influence their environment and that this privilege must be applied for the betterment of others. These experiences are powerful as they bring about greater clarity of the role we play in a community and how our words and actions impact others around us. We believe our students have the capacity to contribute to the community and we prepare them to do this well by having them take the lead in the organisation of school activities and community projects. In this area, our students have demonstrated much ingenuity in adapting to the recent challenges and continued to organise meaningful experiences for their school mates. We will continue to work with our students, so that they would see themselves as the ‘source of good things’ and apply this goodness to uplift their families and the wider community.

The past two years have been challenging for everyone but it was also an opportunity for us to demonstrate the goodness in our thoughts and actions. I thank my staff of Junyuan Secondary School who are ever steadfast in their roles as educators and strive to bring out the best in every child. We will continue to hone our professional craft so as to better serve the community who have entrusted us with the education of their children. We are thankful for the support of our School Advisory Committee, Parent Support Group, alumni and community partners, as we journey with our students and nurture them to be Champions for the Community. May 2022 be a year of learning and growth for all of us!

Mr. Tay Meng Kiat
Junyuan Secondary School