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Principal's Message

From the desk of the Principal

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new"


Each year, I update this website message, to welcome the new year and to celebrate the usually many achievements and accolades that our Champions of the Community would have garnered. Without fail and with little exception, there will always be uplifting stories and inspirational journeys to share, and always, always, I will end on a very bullish note, as I encourage each of us to look forward to the new year. In fact, I ended my message for 2020 with

"Ready or not, 2020, the Junyuan Ship is launching towards you!" 

Fast-forward 365 days, and that phrase appears both misplaced and apt. Misplaced, if it was written with a dash of braggadacio, and a sense that we can always be prepared for what life can bring. Apt, if it was written to inspire the community to be ready to face the year, and roll with the challenges, come what may... I leave you to decide my intent, when I wrote it a year ago …

Much better writers and commentators than me have provided nuanced editorials and opinion pieces about the impact of COVID-19. You can listen to this podcast for example: https://www.gatesnotes.com/Podcast/What-will-the-world-look-like-after-COVID-19.

So I won't add on to these voices as we each have our own personal and powerful stories to reflect, and draw strength from. And we know, that despite the year that has passed, our lives must go on. This year and this chapter must close. New chapters must be written.

But, difficult as it has been, this year has been the year that I have been most heartened - by the initiative and adaptability of the students, by the commitment and care of the staff, and by the positive and upbeat support of the community. I encourage you to view some #throwback #somethinggoodineveryday innovative efforts to encourage our hearts in 2020:

Student Council Exco Circuit Breaker Reminder

Encouraging Messages to Staff

Countdown to Student Leaders Investiture

Virtual Awards Day – Sec 3s

#Gratefulforyou Series IV – CCA Teachers

A Day as a Junyuan Teacher

I welcome the 270 new crew members to the Junyuan ship. If you have not seen our welcome video, do check it out here, or on Facebook. As the video has already shared - life may sometimes not be easy, but our promise to you is that in Junyuan, you will always have someone to walk that journey with you. 

I started this message with wise words from Socrates. I would like to end with an adaptation of those same words:

"The secret of change is to focus your energy, not on harking or wishing for the old. The secret of change is to focus on building the new. But equally important, the secret of change, is in appreciating, and learning from the old …"

Let us sail into 2021!


Mohamed Razali

28 Dec 2020


Mohamed Razali

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