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Principal's Message

From the desk of the Principal

Junyuan turned 20 in 2019. Twenty years of nurturing Champions of the Community; twenty years of carving our unique niche as a school of choice in this little corner of Tampines. Fittingly, we celebrated by opening up our Time Capsule – even as we Rejoiced, we recognised that that it was also a time for reflection, and an opportunity to think about how we can Rejuvenate.

Indeed, there was plenty to rejoice. Archery continued to bag individual and team medals by the bucket loads, whether it be in the inter-school tournaments, or the Pesta Sukan competition. The Basketball boys built on its potential from 2018, snaring the runners-up spot in the ActiveSG tournament, and going one better by winning the TNET Level 3 competition. In a history-making turn, our Volleyball girls took one of the top-4 positions in the National Schools Games competition, qualifying for the Nationals for the first time ever. Not to be outdone, our Rugby Boys turned back the clock and “scrummed” their way to a top-four position in the Bowl NSG tournament.

If 2019 was an unusually successful year for the sports teams, it was business, or excellence, as usual for our Uniformed and Performing Arts Groups. Our NCC and Girls Brigade kept up their record of earning their pinnacle Gold awards for unit proficiency, and for the first time, were joined on the pedestal of excellence by the St. John’s Brigade. The latter also won a plethora of other awards in the year, including the Best Cadet for Nurin Insyirah during the Basic NCO course. The icing on the CCA cake was the Dance crew’s Distinction during the SYF presentation. An excellent year indeed!

Can Junyuan continue to rejuvenate and fulfil its mission to nurture and empower Champions for the Community? We are heartened that we have retained the trust and faith of the community to do so. We welcome on-board almost 270 new crew, each with their own stories to write. The significant adults in the school remain to provide the necessary positive school experiences, so that the arc of these stories ends with all crew becoming better persons for others. Whether each of them will have such an end, only time will tell. The only promise we can make is that we will do what it takes to give every child the best chance to write that story.

“Every child matters” is not simply a mantra we mutter just because we are an educational institution. It must be a belief that bolsters our efforts to be inclusive. It should be a call-to-arms to carry us through the challenges of meeting different needs. It is that defiant defence against those who dare to tell us that, because every child should be treated the same, the ones who are different, should be denied the opportunities to dream of leading meaningful, fulfilling and excellent lives. 

Ready or not, 2020, the Junyuan Ship is launching towards you!



Mohamed Razali

02 Jan 2020

Presentation to Sec 1 Parents 2020.pdf