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Principal's Message

From the desk of the Principal

The two Chinese characters “Jun” and “Yuan” mean Source of Good Things. To be the “source of good things”, the school must propagate two key ideas about learning. The first is that a school must provide positive learning experiences so that the learners become better persons for others; the second is that when these learners leave the school, they have the keys to open many doors in life.

In Junyuan, these two ideas are encapsulated in our mission to nurture and empower every Junyuan champ to serve, to lead and to excel. If we achieve our mission, each of our students would truly be a champion for the community; a servant-leader with a mindset of excellence, who has the resilience and sense of responsibility to improve his community, and who, through his respect for others, inspires respect.

If you can just for a moment, compare Junyuan to a ship. Onboard the Junyuan ship, we aim to develop crew members, not merely passengers. Crew members are committed to collaboratively sail the ship towards continuous improvement, leveraging the spirit of innovation for the betterment of the community. As crew members, we are mindful that for improvement to be sustainable, we must achieve balance, much as how sailors keep their ships on an even keel. In Junyuan, this balance is manifested in the following community behaviours:

  • We can develop team mastery and positive relationships, while valuing the uniqueness of each individual
  • We understand when to appreciate and enable effective effort, and when to appreciate stillness
  • We must nurture both resilience and adaptability
  • We dare to have many dreams, but we remain rooted in our core values and our community
  • We ask many right questions, but we enjoy looking for the answers too
  • We know how to engineer success, but we can also have fun while doing so

And we achieve balance when we adopt the itinerary of sustainable improvement:

1. Consolidating the Right Things through ABCDAffirming School Progress & Direction, Building Belief in Systems, Structures and Process, Consolidating Core Strategy-Programmes, Developing Personal Capacity.

2. Strengthening the Right Crew through EFGHEnabling & Enhancing Capacity, Fostering & Growing Innovation, Encouraging the Heart by increasing sense of mission and belonging.

3. Challenging our Processes through the 3 Rs – Reviewing, Revisiting, Recrafting.

4. Charting the Right Direction through IaM – Inspiring a shared vision for the community and Modeling the Way to get there.

We look forward to the community’s support as we seek to attain balance while sustaining positive outcomes.



Mohamed Razali

02 Jan 2018