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Principal's Message

From the desk of the Principal

And just like that, we once again, enter a new year…

2018 was a year of several firsts for the school. We performed our first public musical, Soiree, “A Journey Through Time”, at Our Tampines Hub. Almost everyone in the Junyuan community got into the act – those who could, performed; those who didn’t, became backstage crew, ushers and ardent supporters. More than just a performance, Soiree was a premiere which showcased all that was good about the Junyuan spirit – resilience, teamwork and the desire to ensure that everyone had the opportunity to excel in their own ways.

We nurture Champions for the Community. In 2018, two teams initiated an Overseas Values-in-Action Programme, expanding the idea of community beyond the shores of Singapore. In March, and again in November, our Sec 3 volunteers learned basic construction, and practised engaging young children, before embarking on their quest to build homes for the villagers in Tbeng Village in Siem Reap, Cambodia. More than just helping to build two houses, the journey demonstrated to Junyuanites the value of purposeful effort, the meaning of community, and the need to appreciate what life has given them in Singapore.

2019 will also have “new” beginnings, not least for the 260 Sec Ones who have just onboarded the Junyuan Ship. They will sail into new waters, where there will be no mid-year exams, and where they will hopefully make new friends and have positive experiences. They will learn that the best way to grow, is when they grow in balance. In Junyuan, we believe that:

•  We can develop team mastery and positive relationships, even as we value the uniqueness of each individual

•  We know when to appreciate and enable effective effort, and when to stop, think and appreciate stillness

•  We must nurture both resilience and adaptability

•  We must dare to have many dreams, as long as we remain rooted in our core values and our community

•  We must ask many right questions, but we should enjoy looking for the answers too

•  We must know how to engineer success, but we should also have fun while doing so

But, a life of balance must mean that even as we get excited with new “toys”, some important things must remain the same. Junyuanites must continue to aspire to be better persons for others. They must take responsibility for their own learning so that when they eventually leave the safe harbour of Junyuan, they have the keys to open many doors in life. They must not go through life as mere passengers, but as crew who not only participate, but who initiate and advocate for all things that make this world a better place.

Let’s sail into 2019!



Mohamed Razali

02 Jan 2019