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Principal's Message 2023

The past year has been a meaningful journey for the school, as we progressively resumed many school activities which promote holistic development of students. Our students had the opportunity to explore their interests and push themselves beyond their comfort zones through events such as the MasterChef Challenge for Sec 1, Resilience Camp for Sec 2, and Community Youth Leadership Programme for Sec 3. Each of these activities represent a milestone for our Junyuan students, as they grow to be better Champions for the Community by upholding the school values of Innovation, Excellence, Respect, Responsibility and Resilience. Our Junyuan students demonstrated great courage in their journey much like how our nation persisted in its struggle against Covid-19. It was inspiring to see how many of our students bravely embraced these challenges and emerged with greater self-confidence and preparedness for the future. My thanks go to the entire Junyuan Secondary staff for believing in the intrinsic worth of every child and guiding them through this journey of learning and growth.

In a world which is becoming increasingly uncertain and diverse, enabling students to find meaning and purpose in what they do is a crucial aspect of education. Our ALP of Food Science, LLP of Community Youth Leadership, and CCA programmes offer a variety of possibilities that are specifically created to pique students' interests and offer learning opportunities that enhance their 21CC and socio-emotional competences. Students learn to appreciate how their own unique talents can help them excel, not only as individuals but also alongside their community. The numerous noteworthy contributions made by students over the last year in support of the school and the greater community have inspired us, and we will keep using these opportunities to bring out the best in each and every student.

In 2023, Junyuan Secondary would be embarking on its Full Subject Based Banding journey where incoming Sec 1 students from the Express, Normal Academic and Normal Technical courses would be grouped into mixed form classes. Students would attend lessons for the Common Curriculum subjects of Art, Character and Citizenship Education, Design and Technology, Food and Consumer Education, Music and PE together as a mixed form class to learn alongside peers with varied interests and strengths. This is an important shift in our education as it celebrates the belief that every child has his/her unique strengths and can succeed in their education. We will continue to foster a safe and inclusive environment for all students to learn well and lead well. By appreciating the positive impact which they can bring to others, we guide students to broaden their understanding of success, to see it as an accomplishment of an aim or purpose which they have set for themselves.

Building a strong foundation of literacy and numeracy continues to be the focus of our curriculum, to help our students understand others and participate actively in the school community and beyond. The strong grasp of knowledge and skills will enable our students to seek out opportunities which ensue their growth throughout life and achieve their aspirations.

Over the last year, we have greatly benefited from the time and guidance provided by the School Advisory Committee, parents, alumni, and community partners in support of our mission. We are encouraged by their support and will continue to do our best for the students of Junyuan Secondary, to enable them to lead, serve and excel as champions for the community.

Mr Tay Meng Kiat
Junyuan Secondary School