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Vision, Mission & Values

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Vision, Mission and Values

In the year-end 2013 year-end strategic planning, the school’s vision was brought up for discussion among the staff for it relevance. In the 2014 Mid-year strategic planning, the staff again led on a review of the school’s vision.

Moving forward, the school leaders and staff are committed to realizing this vision, that is,

Champions for the Community

The revised vision enhance the commitment of all staff and students to be “Champions” for the community at large and this echoed PM Lee’s advocacy in his 2013 National Day Message that “ we must strengthen our sense of community

Our mission:

To Nurture and Empower Every Junyuan Champ to Lead, to Serve and to Excel

Underpinning the school vision and mission are our 5 core values:

Excellence, Innovation, Respect, Responsibility, Resilience