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Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

Singapore’s food industry has always been a significant component of our growing economy. In 2012 alone, this industry had an annual turnover of more than $8.5 million. The focus on Food science allows our students to tap on this competitive edge that Singapore has established and use it as a platform to develop 21st century skills such as creative and inventive thinking and effective communication skills.

Applied Food Science Module 1

Currently, all lower secondary home economics lessons have been integrated with an applied science component which takes up one-third of the assigned periods. Students would learn the basics of Diet and Health and Food Management. The scientific portion of the curriculum would be enhanced and taught by the science teachers, while the F & N teachers teach the culinary skills. At the end of one semester, a level wide competition ‘JY Science Master Chef (Junior)’ would be held as a post exam activity (modified from the current popular TV series ‘Master Chef’). Here, the students would pit their skills and have a ‘cook-off’ session. The judging panel would comprise a chef and a food scientist. On the spot, the students would be judged based on their dish creation and how well they can answer the questions posed by the food scientist concerning the science behind the dish that they have created. This would mean that the entire project requires research and trials before the actual competition day, thus creating an engaging project work experience with real life application context.

Applied Food Science Module 2

This would follow the same format for ‘Applied Food Science Part 1’. However, the content focus would shift to Food and Culture and Consumer Awareness (the scientific portion would focus on topics such as Genetically Modified (GM) food, organic food, industrial food processes). Similarly, a level wide competition ‘JY Science Master Chef (Senior) would be held as a post exam activity.

Food Entrepreneurship enrichment: Our JY Café – A scientific tale of beverages

Under this programme, enrichment programmes would be designed to teach the science behind beverage making and appreciation. Using the existing school café as a competition platform, each sec 3 class would be rostered to operate the café each week to compete for the highest profit generated. Selected students from each class would be sent to learn the basic skills of a barista after which they would apply these skills in the one week stint of operating the school café.

F&N Coursework

The new syllabus F&N Coursework requires students to carry out investigative project work. The skills that have been learnt in the previous three years of Food Science exposure would then useful to these students to craft a better quality project.

This ALP transforms and enriches the learning experiences of students with wide school impact. For example, the Masterchef competition and operation of the school café, leverage on group work which provides additional opportunities for students to hone 21st century competencies such as relationship management, social awareness and responsible decision-making.

It also provides opportunities for meaningful real life application of the knowledge they have acquired. The various stages of the programme are planned to be developmental and would even help the students in their ‘N’ level and ‘O’ level coursework, in particular, in sharpening their investigative research skills to craft a more profound report with greater evidence of critical and inventive thinking.