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Direct School Admission (DSA-SEC)

Junyuan Secondary School
Direct School Admission (DSA-Sec) for 2020 Secondary One 

Junyuan Secondary School invites all P6 students to apply for direct admission into the school for academic year 2020. We provide the platforms and opportunities for you to enhance your leadership and talents to be Champions for the Community.

Admission Criteria

Junyuan welcomes students who are keen to develop their talent in four areas – Community Youth Leadership , Basketball (Boys) , Rugby (Boys) and Volleyball (Girls) . Students can apply for one or more of the areas, if they meet one or more of the criteria for admission



Selection Requirement

Community Youth Leadership

§   Aptitude for leading teams in community 

service/ improvement projects and programmes

§   Keen interest in contributing to the community

§   Open to learning and guidance from others

§   Only shortlisted candidates will 

be invited for an interview

Basketball (Boys)

Rugby (Boys)

Volleyball (Girls)

§   Has prior experience in the sport

§   Participated in competitions/ attainment of awards

§   Display positive attitude to learn, improve and contribute

§   Only shortlisted candidates 

will be invited for an interview and the sports trials

§   Candidates are to wear appropriate 

sports attire during the sports trial

Application Process

Application is done through DSA-Sec Portal. You may click here to access the link.

The application period is from 8 May 2019, 9am to 4 June 2019, 3pm and no application fee is required.

For applicants who are studying in MOE mainstream school:

You will require one parent’s SingPass to log in. If parent/guardian is unable to apply online, they can approach the child’s primary school for assistance.

For applicants who are not studying in MOE mainstream primary school :

You are to obtain a Registration number (RGxxxxxxx) at MOE Customer Service Centre from 8 May 2019, 9am to 4 June 2019, 3 pm before they can apply through DSA-Sec Portal.

To make the application easier in the portal, please provide the following information:

• Choice of schools and talent areas

• Contact details  

• (Optional): Up to 10 Non-school-based activities and achievements the applicant had participated 

Applicants studying in MOE mainstream school will have their primary school information (P5 and P6 academic results, Co-curricular Activities, school-based activities/achievement/awards, NAPFA) shared directly with the DSA-Sec secondary school they apply to.

However, we may ask for documentary proof of non-school based activities and achievements from shortlisted applicants, if necessary. For applicants from non-MOE mainstream schools, you are to submit school academic results and activities/achievements for verification against data provided during application upon request.

Selection Process

All shortlisted candidates are to go through the following:



One-to-one Interview

Each candidate will be interviewed by the interview panel

Basketball Trials

(Boys only, if the talent area is selected)

·   Demonstrate ability in dribbling, passing and shooting via set drills

·   Speed test over a minimum distance of 20 metres

·   Agility test

·   Trial Game based on game position

Rugby Trials

(Boys only, if the talent area is selected)

·   Demonstrate ability in handling and tackling via set drills

·   Speed test over a minimum distance of 30 metres

·   Trial Game

Volleyball Trials 、

(Girls only, if the talent area is selected) 、

·   Demonstrate ability in passing, serving and defending |

·   Speed and Reaction Test |

·   Trial Game 、

Contact Personnel

For enquiries, please contact the following at 6587 3683 or email to junyuansec@moe.edu.sg:

1.      Mrs Low Wil Ping (Year Head)

2.      Ms Ye WenHui (HOD Maths)

3.      Mr Ryan Tan (HOD PE/CCA)

4.      Ms Shamilah (HOD English)

Schedule for DSA-Sec Exercise





Application for JYSS DSA-Sec through DSA-Sec Portal

8 May – 4 June 2019


Notification of shortlisted applicants

1 – 5 July 2019


Interview for shortlisted applicants

9 July – 23 July 2019


Trials for Basketball (Boys), Rugby (Boys) and Volleyball (Girls) applicants

30 July, 1 and 13 Aug

from 1500h – 1700h


Release of results (Confirmed Offer (CO)/Wait List (WL)/Rejected)

By 30 Aug 2019


·        Successful applicants from MOE schools with a Confirmed Offer or on Wait List, will receive a  School Preference Form from their respective primary schools.

·        Successful applicants from non-MOE school with a Confirmed Offer or on Wait List, will need to collect their School Preference Form from MOE Customer Service Centre.

21 Oct 2019


Exercise School Preference through DSA-Sec Portal (by applicants)

21 Oct – 25 Oct 2019


Release of DSA-Sec Results together with PSLE Results

Late November 2019

For more information you may visit the MOE website.