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Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

Cultivating Community Champions

Through Youth Leadership

LLP @JYSS is a learning-for-life programme that nurtures our youth (Junyuanites) to be concerned citizens and active contributors to the community through developing students’ leadership in service learning and social entrepreneurship. Students are equipped with problem solving skills to meet the needs identified in the community as well as social entrepreneurial skills to establish partnerships with enterprises in running pushcart businesses.

School-wide and level-wide programmes are being organised to develop students’ leadership in service learning and social entrepreneurship.

Secondary 1

Service Learning & Innovation (SLI) Workshop

This workshop aims to equip students with the knowledge of service learning as well as engage them in understanding their roles in helping the community and generating ideas for community projects. The students work in groups to generate innovative solutions to solve problems in the community. The Innovation Protocol was employed in this workshop as the approach to achieve our learning objectives.

Service Learning & Innovation (SLI) Day

Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Day provides a platform for students to further apply the learning acquired during the SLI workshop to plan and showcase their community projects.

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Secondary 2

‘Entrepreneurship for the Community’ Interdisciplinary Project Work (IPW)

This project work is a 16-week curriculum where the students are equipped with basic entrepreneurial skills and ICT skills in developing business plans.

Through the process of developing their business plans, essential 21st Century competencies (Information and communication skills, Critical and inventive thinking) are being developed in them. The project work outcomes; knowledge application, communication, collaboration and independent learning would be integrated into the rubrics used to assess the students. Teams that produce good business plans and prototypes would be shortlisted to represent the school in the National Pushcart Challenge in the following year.

Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation (SEI) Day (Sec 2)

Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Day provides a platform for students to present their business plans using Prezzi and their advertisements using Scratch developed during their Entrepreneurship project work.


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Secondary 3

Advanced Social Entrepreneurship Education Training – Small Business Management (AEM)

CCA student leaders who have an aptitude for social entrepreneurship would be selected to attend an advanced entrepreneurship training on ‘small business management’ by Republic Polytechnic. This training provides the student leaders with advanced entrepreneurship skills to lead and manage their CCAs at BIZ-iT, the School’s Entrepreneurship centre.

Entrepreneurship Work Attachment and Learning Journeys to Enterprises

Work attachments and learning journeys to retails shops and social enterprises are arranged for selected CCA leaders to give students more exposure and actual learning experiences in starting up and managing small businesses.

This LLP provides the opportunities for students to apply their leadership and social entrepreneurship skills for authentic community projects. This would develop them to be active contributors who are able to work effectively in teams, think innovatively, exercise initiative and take calculated risks.

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Secondary 1 – 5

CCA VIA thru LLP @ BIZ-iT (Entrepreneurship Centre)

BIZ-iT, the school’s Entrepreneurship centre comprises of 24 pushcarts, each being owned by one CCA. Each CCA take ownership to design and decorate their pushcart. They would also source and partner small and medium enterprises as their advisors, hence forming a staple group of community partners to create opportunities for social enterprise through the CCAs. Some social enterprises that we collaborated with are Bizlink, Friends of the Disabled Society, 8 Fahrenheit, Ugly Cake Shop, Gift and Take, Nineties Candy, Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped, SPCA, Stirring Hearts and Touch Community Services.

In addition, goods and services of these enterprises may be sold or delivered at their carts during school events. The school events are Recognition and Awards Presentation Day, Youth Day and National Day.

These school-based social enterprises (pushcart business) which we have created at BIZ-iT is a whole school approach that we have created for the students’ CCA VIA, hence enable the students to develop the heart and empathy for a greater good of the society. The sales proceeds of the event would be contributed to the School’s identified VWOs and needy students under the Financial Assistance Scheme.

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The LLP Team

OIC - 

Mdm Teo Wil Ping 
Mr. Jeffrey Lian


Ms Theng Wei Wei 
Mr Ivan Tan 


Belinda Tan
Kenn Thng 
Kenny Wong
Ng Chee Kian
Seah Mei Peng
Sim Jia En
Tan Bao Fang
Zhuang Ying Meng