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Blended/Home Based Learning

If you are accessing this page, it is either: 

A. Blended Learning Day (BL@Junyuan);


B. There is a Full Home-Based Learning (FHBL), and the school has communicated with you to access this page for further instructions;


C. You have been instructed to stay at home, and would like to access the self-learning resources



1.  All Sec 1s, 2s and 3s are on Blended Learning Day on the following dates in Term 4:

  • Friday 24 September (normal BL – see paragraph 2)
  • Thursday 7 Oct (Self-Study Break for EOY exams - check the exam timetable that has been sent to your JYMail)
  • Friday 22 Oct (SIL Day – see paragraph 3. If you have not submitted, please do so)

2. Do note the following:

a. Your subject teachers will be assigning you lessons and assignments based on the timetable for EVEN weeks in your normal timetable. You can access the timetable here: https://junyuansec.moe.edu.sg/student-information/student-timetable

b. Log-in to your account for the Student Learning Space (SLS) for your assigned lessons, or/and,

c. Check your emails – JYMail and Student ICON - for specific instructions from your subject teachers

3. Student Initiated Learning (SIL) activity

a. Those of you who have had your “SIL Activity is Approved” as your Status, you may proceed to start if you are keen.

b. If in my response to you, your Status is indicated as “One of your Teacher-Mentors will contact you to find out more”, please do not start until one of your Teacher-Mentors has contacted you.

c. If you have not submitted your SIL activity proposal, please do so via this link. To help you, you can refer to the Secondary Student-Initiated Learning Guide and the Resource List for SIL which are attached in this message.

d. Do remember to manage your time – the intent is for you to set aside time during the Blended Learning Day to execute your SIL activity, and we recommend spending at most 90 minutes on the SIL activity

e. Enjoy learning your SIL activity, but do so Safely.

f. (NEW) For the SIL Day on 22 October 2021, please email your Teacher-Mentors (T-Ms) if you are not sure what to do. See paragraph 7 for their email addresses. By that date, one of the T-Ms from the SIL domain you are assigned to, should have emailed/ contacted you.

4. You should have the passwords for the following applications:

a. Student Learning Space (SLS) – To reset your password, please go to this page: https://go.gov.sg/jysls

b. JYMail - To reset your password, please go to this page: https://go.gov.sg/jymail

c. SSOE and Student ICON email (yourname@students.edu.sg) – To reset your password, please go to this page: https://go.gov.sg/jyssoe

5. If there are no lessons assigned in SLS, and there are no instructions in your emails, it means that the lessons have not been uploaded, the teachers are still preparing the materials, or you have forgotten the instructions. Please log-in to SLS, or check your email again, in 2 hours’ time.

6. We expect you to follow the instructions provided in the SLS assigned lessons, or in the email by your subject teachers. These instructions may include, but not limited, to the following

a. Deadlines for the submission of assignments;

b. The time you should spend completing the lessons;

c. Activities/ tasks you need to do using your textbooks/ workbooks/ predistributed worksheets;

d. Common times to log-on for collaborative or real-time lessons

7. If you need further clarifications, you should email your subject teachers. You can find their email addresses here: https://junyuansec.moe.edu.sg/other-information/contact-us/staffs-emails. If for some reason, you do not know who is your subject teacher, you should email the HOD for the subject for which you have a query

8. If you are a parent reading this announcement, please be assured that your child is fully prepared to take responsibility for his/her own learning. The following links provide tips on how to support your child during FHBL:


9. Share good cyber and health habits – focus on the tasks instead of surfing other sites or checking social media; take regular breaks from learning so that the mind can consolidate and sustain effort; take time to exercise and eat well; take the opportunity to bond as a family.

We are confident that every Junyuanite will know what to do to continue learning even when they are not in school. If you have queries and clarifications that cannot be resolved via the above instructions, do contact the school:

Tel: 6587 3683/84
Email: junyuan_ss@moe.edu.sg

Keep well, and learn well!

Mr Mohamed Razali