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Administrative Information

School Smart Cards Secondary

All students entering Secondary One in Jan 2021 will be issued with a new Secondary level School Smart Cards (SSC). While Secondary One Students are waiting for their Secondary level SSCs to be ready,  they can continue to use their Primary level SSCs for concessionary travel till end Apr 2021. Students can still purchase the Bus Concession Pass (BCP) using their Primary level SSCs but they would need to purchase the BCP for Secondary School students.

School Fees via GIRO

There is no need for reapplication when moving on to Secondary school if your child’s school fees had been paid via GIRO in primary school. A new application is required only if there is a change of GIRO account. Application forms can be obtained from the General Office or email us.

Photography & Use of Social Media

Areas in the school may be subjected to images captured as part of the daily functioning of the school, using film photography, digital photography, video or any other medium. As such, photographs or video images of the students may be taken during school activities and events such as classroom lessons, CCA, school camps, or school concerts.

The school may use and publish such photographs or video recordings in school publications, the school’s website, social media channels, or other communication channels. These may also be provided to the media for publication in local or national newspapers or educational magazines.

Other Important Information

  •   Students can choose to wear white school shoes or sports shoes* on school days.

*Do take note sports shoes does not include sneakers, canvas shoes or any other form of shoes not meant for sports activities.

  •   Our school normal reporting and dismissal time is as below. Please ensure you child/ward reports punctually for school.


Reporting Time

Dismissal Time

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

By 7.55 a.m.

Depends on timetable


By 8.25 a.m.

Depends on timetable


By 8.25 a.m.

At 12.25 p.m.