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Medical Appeal Exercise (MAE)

The MAE only applies to students with serious medical conditions. Parents are required to produce any documentary evidence or the reason for transfer listed below: a. Serious Medical Conditions. Students with persistent or serious illness e.g. chronic heart conditions, kidney problems. An official letter from a certified doctor must be attached to the application. b. Severe Physical Impairments. Students with physical impairments. An assessment from qualified medical professional(s) of the student’s conditions and needs should be submitted. The assessment should clearly describe the extent of impairments (temporary/permanent) and the type of assistive device that the student is currently using (e.g. those requiring permanent use of a wheelchair). Parents can file your appeals at the posted school in person on 23 December 2021, from 8.30am to 12pm. Parents also have the alternative option of submitting their MAE application request to their posted secondary school via email at junyuan_ss@moe.edu.sg. Each student is only allowed to submit one application. Parents are reminded that school transfer under MAE is subject to availability of vacancies. Successful applicants will not be allowed to reject the posted school and request to be admitted back to their original posted school.