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Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Matters

Eligibility for Higher Chinese/Higher Malay/Higher Tamil

In addition to students who obtained an overall PSLE core of 8 or better, those with an overall PSLE score of 9 to 14 (inclusive) and attained AL1/AL2 in Mother Tongue Language (MTL) or Distinction/Merit in Higher Chinese/Higher Malay/Higher Tamil, are also eligible to study Higher Chinese/Higher Malay/Higher Tamil at secondary school level.

Eligible students will receive the eligibility Form A via PG / email. This form has to be submitted to school by 28 December 2021.

There are the designated centres nearest to Junyuan Secondary.

2022 Higher Mother Tongue Centres nearest to Junyuan Secondary

Tamil Language Centre

Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School

HML Centre  

Tanjong Katong Secondary School

HCL Centre  

Ngee Ann Secondary School

Eligibility for MTL 'B' Syllabus

Students in Exp and N(A) courses may offer Mother Tongue Language ‘B’ if they meet the following criteria at Sec 1 under AL system*: • AL 7 or 8 in Standard MTL or • AL B or C in Foundation MTL Schools will have discretion to offer MTL ‘B’ to students who face exceptional difficulty with MTL but do not meet the eligibility criteria at S1 based on PSLE results. Beyond Sec 1, as students’ progress on in their secondary schools, they can also take up MTL ‘B’ if they are assessed to be suitable by their schools. Students eligible for MTL ‘B’ will be able to offer MTL ‘B’ at the beginning of the school year. Students offering MTL ‘B’ will attend classes in their secondary schools if MTL ‘B’ are offered in their schools. As Junyuan does not offer the MTL 'B' courses, the students will have to study MTL ‘B’ at a centre of their choice outside curriculum time. 2022 MTL 'B' centres nearest to Junyuan Secondary Chinese B Centre: St. Hilda's Secondary Malay B Centre: MOELC Bishan Tamil B Centre: Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre (UPTLC)

Application to be exempted from taking MTL

MTL exemption may only be considered if the student: (a) has been away from Singapore school system for some years or joins our school system mid-stream without prior learning of our official MTL or MTL-in-lieu (b) has certified Special Educational Needs (SEN) and shows severe difficulty in coping with his overall learning Students who are already exempted from taking MTL at primary school level will continue the exemption. There is no need to re-apply the exemption at Sec One. Students will remain in class to do self-study during MT lessons.

Taking Asian/Foreign Language as MTL-in-lieu (not as Third Language)

For students taking Asian/Foreign languages in lieu of MTL at primary school, he / she has to continue taking Asian/Foreign languages at Sec One. There is no need to submit a re-application for Sec One students who have obtained approval at the primary school level to offer Asian/Foreign Language. Students are required to continue to learn the language privately. Lessons will be conducted once weekly (from Monday to Friday, 3 p.m. – 6 p.m) at MOELC.